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Any ideas for a new Kirby power up or feature?
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I want to make a rap battle for Halloween 🎃

What characters should I use? Pick 1 in the poll, then post your second one in the discussion!

Which characters should I use?
  • Slenderman
  • Baldi (Probably not)
  • Bendy (Probably not)
  • Mama Tattletail
  • All these are from VGRB, I'm out!
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More SOTS announcements

The non-Kirby characters (Game and Watch, Beatrix, Playtime, etc.) are returning!

Meta Knight is once again the leader!

Earth is once again the new setting!

Bowser is the new villain, along with Ganondorf, Ridley, Shadow Bug clones, Queen Zoi, and more!

Kirby is still adorable!
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SOTS changes

Deena the female Waddle Dee will be scrapped because I'm worried about people shipping her and BWD.

Adeleine and Ribbon will be given unique personalities.

Episodes will be 3 parts long, and seasons will be 4 episodes long.

There WILL be an Undertale crossover, but one extremely popular character will be a punching bag.

Keeby the yellow Kirby will replace Deena.

There will be a crossover about a game that involves simple shapes and sick beats.

Kirby will still be adorable.
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My entry for Kirb-O-Ween Wars! or "Copytacs, that read the manga only"

I wanted to put the Copycats characters in my stories, so I created Copytacs - Tacs that loves manga and that loves turning into other characters for various reasons. Sadly, I just doesn't have time for stories, so I left Copytacs sitting on the bench... until now!

It's Halloween -- time, when you can be anyone! So, Copytacs finally come to Dream Land!

P.S.: The quartet isn't quite thrilled with their “costumes” ^^'

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Happy Birthday to Me!

I'm turning 11 today and it has been a great half a year on the wiki so far. I was thinking of challenges:

Which challenge should I do?
  • Make a cover of Bendy vs Mama Tattletail
  • Watch a cringey video (I'm thinking Incognito Mode 1)
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Is Kirby’s species a species of a Star like race?

I’m wondering if the Species kirby is is a star or star like being. Because alot of Kirby has to do with stars.

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My entry for Kirb-O Ween wars!

Watch out marx the king does not like your trick

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A Kirby Leak

So recently, I found a Kirby leak on the Kirby Amino. The user said that it seems like a 16-bit Kirby game kinda like SuperStar and Dream Course. However, there seems to be some blue and black mixture near Kirby, Meta Knight, and Bandana Dee. This leak almost trashed itself in a way with the missing appearance of DeDeDe. DeDeDe could have possibly created the blue and black mixture. This leak seems late for its time, and how poorly drawn the blue and black mix is. It could possibly be a portal, or something similar to how Kirby became Yarn in Kirby’s Epic Yarn. I, personally, think this leak is obviously another fake leak. - That’s all they said, though this post has been overshadowed by more recent posts, I saw it, unlike many others. I did find a similar leak on the Mario Amino showed a 16-bit art style, but with Luigi. This Luigi leak may or may not he fake, but with the recent Mario and Luigi RPG remakes, the leak has a chance. On the other hand, the Kirby leak looks like Bandana Dee and Meta Knight don’t care, however, Kirby does. Due to this, the leak seems even more unbelievable. Tell me your thoughts on the leak.
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Battle of the Squidkids October 2018

Previous Part:
Previous Battle:
(I made the challenges beforehand)
Léa: *snoring* H... Huh? Im home?
Léa saw a note which said: "You've been parting all night at my Pizzaria. So I took you home to rest. ~Freddy Fazbear"
Léa: How nice of him... I guess i'll pay a visit to Waluigi.
At Fort Waluigi...
Waluigi: Welcome back! We just opened a Taco Stand and EVERYONE all over the Planet has been visiting here! There's one Taco left, you should go get it!
Léa: I will!
Somewhere else in Fort Waluigi...
Bowser (SMG4): I don't wanna go, it's dangerous! :(
SMG4: But Mario doesn't like exersicing but he's participating!
Mario (SMG4) was spinning in a circle with a golf club.
Meggy: Guys, there's only one Taco left at Waluigi's Taco Stand, I'll get it for you guys!
SMG4: Alright, go for it!
At Waluigi's Taco Stand...
Waluigi Fan: Sorry, we're all out of Tacos.
Meggy: Huh!?
She quickly took notice of Léa about to eat a Taco.
Léa: Mmm... Delicious.
Meggy: Look, we can resolve this peacefully if you give me that Taco.
Léa:... No way! Waluigi said I should take it!
Léa quickly ate the Taco.
Meggy:... Looks like we're going to have to do this the hard way.
Waluigi: Woah, what's going on?
Léa and Meggy were fighting again!
Somewhere else in Fort Waluigi...
Marina: We have to get Pearl here! These Tacos are delicious!
Marina Jr.: I totally agree! Too bad she's playing Super Mario Sunshine on her Gamecube.
Waluigi rushed to them.
Waluigi: *huff* *puff* Léa and Meggy...
Marina: What!?
Meggy: That Taco was for my friends!
Léa: Waluigi said I can have the Taco!
Marina: Fighting over a Taco, huh?
This caught Léa and Meggy's attention.
Marina Jr.: It's October now, how about we throw some Halloween themed challenges?
Marina: Good idea! Let's do this!
Marina Jr.: By the way, I got some suggestions from this place called "Kirby Wiki"
#1 - Pumpkin Carving
Marina: The pumpkins have been pre-emptied, now go!
Léa and Meggy got to work!
Léa: I'll give it my best shot.
Meggy: I got the perfect design!
Marina: Let's see your designs!
Léa's design was a Meta Knight Mask.
Marina Jr.: I like it. How about yours, Meggy?
Meggy's design was Dr. Robotink Eggman's face.
Marina Jr.: Wh... What...? Not a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, sorry.
#2 - Apple Bobbing
Léa and Meggy were presented a tub filled with water and apples each.
Marina: The rules are simple: Use your mouth to grab the apples, and only your mouth.
Meggy: Bring it on!
Léa and Meggy started to grab the apples.
Meggy: I got more apples than you... What the heck!? Why are you eating the apples?!
Léa: Like they say: An apple a fay, keeps the doctor away!
Meggy: *sigh*
Meggy: I got all the apples...! Oh my god! You are all the apples?!
Léa: *burp* Yeah...
#3 - Who can put Gim into Trouble Again
Gim: No, no, no, no! Heck no! Im not getting into trouble again!
Meggy:... What's up with him?
Marina: Um... Another challenge?
Marina Jr.: Sure!

#3 - Who can play the most Pranks with Callie as the Judge
Callie: Get prankin'!

Target 1: Mario (SMG4)
Léa placed a plate of Spaghetti under a cage.
Mario (SMG4) was singing, until he noticed the Spaghetti.
Mario (SMG4): Woah, Spaghetti!
Mario (SMG4) got the Spaghetti but was trapped in the cage.
Léa: Gotcha!
Callie: Traps are so cliche.

Target 2: Vividria
Vividria: Time to get my paint!
Meggy sneaked in and doodled memes on her easel before sneaking out.
Vividria: Im back...! Ohmygod! Who drew memes on my easel!?
Callie: Not too bad I guess...

Target 3: Waddle Doo
Waddle Doo was just about to drink his soda... Until it was fished while he was not looking.
Léa: Heh.
Callie: That was... Ok...

Target 4: Kate
Meggy: Would you like a Cupcake?
Kate: Heck yeah!
Kate ate the Cupcake.
Kate: Wait... Does it contain peanuts...?
Meggy: No, why?
Kate: Im allergic to peanuts!
Kate eventually collapsed onto the floor.
Meggy: Gotcha! I know that you were allergic to peanuts!
Callie: That prank... Has met all my standards! I liked it!
#4 - Survive a battle with Wiz
Wiz: It's time for my show! Not a minute late, and not a minute sooner!
Wiz started to summon weird objects.
Meggy: Good show!
Wiz: It's time for my final act!
Wiz summoned... the I Like Trains Kid!
I Like Trains Kid: I like Trains.
Léa and Meggy got hit by a Train.
#5 - Who can beat a Skeleton playing the Trumpet (Suggested by BlueAquaCat)
The Trumpet Skeleton started to play it's Trumpet on it's stage.
Léa: Trumpets, huh?
Léa player Trumpet super loud. It didn't beat it.
Meggy: Heh.
Meggy played her Trumpet so loud that the stage crashed.
Meggy: Did... Did I win?
#6 - Defeat 10 Mr. Frostys
Léa: Woah, Woah, what's this?
10 Mr. Frosties appeared.
Mr. Frosty: Get em'!
Meggy: Whatwhatwhat!?
They were buried in snow.
Marina:... Who's idea was this!?
#7 - Who can make the Spookiest Costume (Suggested by BlueAquaCat)
Judges: Let's see your scariest costumes!
Léa dressed up as a cute Witch.
Léa: Like it? I made it myself!
Judge: Not scary! Next!
Meggy dressed up as a Vampire.
Judges: That's so scary, it's awesome!
Léa: What!? How did you...
Meggy: Are you blind? It said Spookiest, not cutest!
#8 - Who can defeat Giratina the Fastest
(Suggested by BlueAquaCat)
Giratina appeared!
Léa used Distract!
Giratina was distracted!
Léa used Hammer Flip!
Giratina Fainted!
10.5 Seconds!

Giratina appeared!
Meggy panicked and threw a Magical Rock!
It's a One-Hit-KO!
Giratina Fainted!
1.9 Seconds!

Meggy: Aw yeah!
L3léa: Come on!
#9 - Who is the better Doctor
(This music plays: ) Doctor Léa VS. Doctor Meggy!
Dr. Mario: Let's-A-Go!

Patient 1: Bonkers
Symptom: Obesity

Meggy: Ah jeez, you ate too much bananas, Bonkers.
Bonkers: Me like bananas...
Meggy forced Bonkers into the gym.
Meggy: You need to exercise.

Patient 2: Young Cricket
Symptom: Food Poisoning

Léa: I saw you in a commercial for Callie's Dumpling Paradise, Callie's back at it with the Pranks... Pills fix everything, right?
Cricket took the pill.
Young Cricket: It worked, thank you.

Patient 3: Blade Knight
Symptom: Fever

Meggy: I know what to do!
She put him into a room and cracked the temperature to -120 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Patient 4: Kate
Symptom: Allergy to Peanuts

Léa: Ahh! I must save you!
Doctor: Use this Cephalopod Pill, it should work!
Léa gave Kate the Cephalopod Pill to Kate.
Kate:... Im alive!
Kate quickly hugged Léa.
(Music stops)
#10 - Trick or Treating

At 5-Volt's House...
Léa: Trick or Treat!
5-Volt: That's a cute costume you have there! Have a Veggie Quiche!
Léa ran off.
5-Volt:... Did I scare her?
9-Volt: Not everyone likes Veggie Quiche, ya know...

At Bandana Waddle Dee's House...
Meggy: Trick or Treat!
Bandana Waddle Dee: Ah, happy Halloween, Meggy! Have a Piñata from Fortnite!
Meggy: Uh... Thanks...?

At Nathan's House...
Léa: Trick or Treat!
Nathan: Welcome, Léa! Come in and let's have candy!
Léa: Heck yeah!

At the Squid Sisters' Studio...
Meggy: Trick or Treat!
Callie: Have a Treat... Sike!
Meggy got Tricked!
Callie: Gotcha!
Marie: CALLIE...
Marina: This is it!
Marina: The decider is...

Decider - Survive the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Léa: Wait, what!? That ride!?
Meggy: It isn't that scary...
At the ride...
Marina: God luck...
Léa and Meggy was put through the ride.
After the ride...
Marina: Ugh... Where are they...
The elevator came.
Marina Jr.: There they are!
Meggy: It wasn't scary.
Léa: So... Scary...
Marina: I guess Meggy wins.
Meggy: Beat that, Léa!
Léa: Ugh...

To be continued...
I was playing Pokémon GO while making this. (I got 3 Shinies and a Mew!)


Splatoon Branch:
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Here’s my entry for Kirb-O Ween wars

There’s a lot of things going on in this piece, but I’ll try to explain what’s going on here.

Kirby is getting hunted down by Flamberge, because he crashed into her and Francisa, with his Warp Star. She was going to knock off Kirby from his Warp Star, but she hit Bandana Dee instead. The mastermind behind all of this is Magolor, who is remote controlling Kirby’s star.

By by the way, Kirby is (somewhat) dressed up as Marx, Flamberge is dressed up as Drawcia, Francisca is dressed up as Claycia, and Magolor is dressed up as well... himself when he had on the Master Crown. The main thing that’s different about him is that his suit (kind of) matches the colors of his first phase. As for Bandana Dee, I decided to make him a pirate because pirates wear bandanas. I also gave him a sword that resembles the one Captain Kick had in the Kirby anime, only now it’s blue, to match the Dedede symbol on his black bandanna.

Anyways, I hope you liked my entry, and good luck with your entries, too! Have a nice weekend, Poyo!

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My entry for Kirb-O-Ween Wars

It's King Dedede poisoning Queen Zoi with an acid-dipped apple. I call it "Treated With A Trick".
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Kirb-O-Ween Wars:

Quick side note-Every holiday I’ll change my profile to accommodate the holiday, I would change my name this month to ScarySquiddy5 but I can’t...On to the news!!!

The Kirb-O-Ween Wars is that you need to create an art piece around Kirby and Halloween, I don’t care if you can’t draw well, but if I like the idea, I’ll choose it, each week will be a new theme. This week’s theme:
Trick or Treat...mostly Tricks
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Parasol Waddle Dee does a thing (+ some other stuff)

Here’s a piece of art I made of a Blue P. Waddle Dee attempting to make his parasol “mega evolve” with a friend heart. For some reason, during my first play though of Kirby Star Allies, the Chumbrella friend ablilty reminded me of how some Pokémon can change forms in a battle, and become even stronger. Makes me wonder who he’s battling though...

Anyways, really liked how this turned out. I might turn this into an art series, with a new piece coming out once a week (If I have time to draw.) Considering calling it “Kirby Star Artists”, or something similar to that. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know.

I hope you all enjoyed this art, and I’ll see you all around! Poyo!

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Why haven't we made theories on each others' stories?

I think we should do that.
Oh and here's my Kirby plushie eating a bunch of jellybeans stuck together.
Took this pic during summer.
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K1rby Star Allies: Western Outer Wall + Inner Sanctum

Previous Part:
(What would Flamberge eat...)
K1rby: There seems to be moving.
Como: Multiples of them...
Agent 3: Stay sharp... And don't fall off.
They eventually reached an area where Bombers are falling.
Como: Look out!
A Bomber landed on Como!
K1rby: Oh my god!
A lone Jammerjab attacked!
K1rby: I got this!
K1rby threw a Friend Heart at the Jammerjab.
Jammerjab: Adventure awaits!
The team eventually reached a large door.
Robloxian: This requires two friends. K1rby will pair with Agent 3 and Jammerjab will pair with Penny.
Penny: Count me in!
They entered a conveyor belt-like area.
Robloxian: I've just analysed the area. You have to hit all the switches.
K1rby: Let's do this!
Penny: Woah, a Cannon!
Robloxian: The goal should be up there, use the Cannnon... And try not to get crushed... Good luck.
Agent 3: Hmm...
Agent 3 tweaked the Cannon.
Agent 3: There, it should get us to the goal.
K1rby: Alright, hop on!
Everyone entered the Cannon... But the goal was overshot... They landed somewhere in Inner Sanctum.
K1rby: Ugh, how could you screw this up!
Agent 3: I knew I was gonna screw up! Ok?
???: HEY, YOU! Stubby little…pink thing!
K1rby: Who are you calling pink thing!?
???: Yes, YOU! I have a buuuurning question for you! You’re the one who was so rude to sweet Francisca, aren’t you?!
K1rby: She was attacking us, so we didn't had a choice.
???: Don’t you dare try to deny it! Fiend! Coward! I swear, if you’ve harmed a single blue hair on her perfect head…you’ll BURN for it!!!
Agent 3: Woah, chill!
Flamberge: Jamblasted!! I will never EVER forgive you! Now you must face Flamberge! That’s ME! For what you’ve done, I’ll scorch you to such a degree that…that… even tasty, toasty marshmallows will seem like ice cubes compared to you!
"Blazing General: Flamberge"
Flamberge starts to swing her sword like crazy!
K1rby: Attack!
They fought and Flamberge was brought to half HP. This got her angry and she busted out her Oven Cannon!
K1rby: Douse it, quick!
Agent 3: I got this!
He quickly inked the fuse and the Oven Cannon exploded, stunning Flamberge.
K1rby: Get her while she's stunned!
In a matter of seconds, Flamberge was defeated, she eventually got up and fled.
Penny: This won't be the last we see of her.
Robloxian: Good news, guys! We're VERY close to the source of the Problem!
K1rby: Then let's put an end to this problem then we'll go to KFC to celebrate!
Agent 3: Heck yeah, Im down for chicken!

To be continued...
Here's the next "If Léa was in..." episode.
If Léa was in... Overcooked 2


Splatoon Branch:
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OC Direct!

Now I will introduce my new OCs for you all!

(Report this if I did a piracy)

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why was adeleine called ado in dreamland 3? (in-universe)

nickname? trying to disguise herself as male fr whatever reason? doesn't know her own name? (probably the first one)

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