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New Announcement Section (Twitter) -- Submit Articles or Trivia for Spotlight!

As you may or may not have noticed yet, the Kirby Wiki as of today now has a twitter page, as showcased on the main page and as a replacement for the old, clunky announcement system (which is archived here for those who still wish to see it). Something I would like to do with it is showcase articles or trivia facts about Kirby, and I would like to get suggestions from you all in the community! Do you have an article that you think stands out or that you would like to see get some more attention? Have a particularly favorite fact about Kirby you'd like to share? Let us know here and we will review it, and if we like your suggestion we'll post it on the twitter page (which means the home page here as well!) I'd like to set up a couple rules beforehand though, which are as follows:

  • No Personal Pages -- we're not going to promote your userpage or anything else that is personal to a specific user, so don't ask!
  • Check Your Facts -- if you are suggesting a trivia fact, make sure it's a real one before you post it here. Most of the trivia on the site has been checked/verified, but there might still be some dubious ones out there, so if you found one of those (or made one up), we'll catch it when we review it, but you can save us the trouble by checking things yourself!

Thanks everyone, and I hope this new feature helps drive community engagement and support into the future! Enjoy!

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Sweet! Hopefully this mean news will update regular like Bulbanews on Bulbapedia. It felt kinda drab how the only new news entries were game announcements.


Animal35maker wrote: Sweet! Hopefully this mean news will update regular like Bulbanews on Bulbapedia. It felt kinda drab how the only new news entries were game announcements.

That's the idea! Kirby doesn't often have newsworthy things going on outside of games being released though so that's why it will mostly consist of the things I mentioned in this post, haha.


While I do think this is an amazing idea, we do already have a 'did you know' section on the main page. We'd have to make sure we aren't copying things from that for these trivia highlights. Other than that, I think it looks great! A featured article thing would be welcome.

Would it be possible to show off the Kirby25th Anniversary Twitter Tweets? I'm sure people would be interested in at least the pictures (as most of it is Japanese) and videos (like the recent Buff Dedede video)
Sure I can retweet those, just link me the ones you'd like here and I will get to it!
Done, feel free to post here any time there's more you want on there!