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Episode(#J71 / #E71)
Parent Whale and Child Whale
A Whale of a Tale
Name (JP) 密着! ホエール・ウォッチング
- Meaning Glued! Whale-Watching
Air Date (NA)April 24, 2004
Air Date (JP)February 22, 2003
Copy AbilityNone
Demon BeastNone

A Whale of a Tale is the 71st episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.


Kirby, Tiff, and Tuff are fishing, then Kine comes along, and then a gigantic whale. Curiosity drove crowds to have a look at it. King Dedede decides to set up a pleasure cruise for everyone on board his ship, but it really is a whaling ship in disguise. Shortly, it turns out the whale he's after isn't the biggest fish in the ocean.

Episode Summary

KSSU Kirby run
Spoiler alert: The following section contains plot-specific details.(Skip Section)
End of spoilers

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