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KSqSq Acchi
Kirby: Squeak Squad artwork
Name (JP) アッチー (Acchī)
In Games
KSQSQ logo
Copy abilityFire
CategoryLarge Enemy

Acchi is a large enemy that has only appeared in Kirby: Squeak Squad. It resembles a red fiery lizard-like dragon that gives the Fire Copy Ability when inhaled. It can spit out fireballs that don't go very far, but continue to burn for a while after touching the ground and can still be a hazard.

Kirby needs to do a super inhale on one, as they are too heavy to inhale normally. It is also stationary and can't move from where it was found in the first place unless it is attacked.


Acchi's name is derived from the Japanese phrase "acchi," which is often said when something is very hot, and explains why it shoots out flames. However, Acchi sneezes its flames out, so it might also be a pun on "achoo," the sound made when one sneezes.




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