Several Kirbys on different Air Ride Machines.

An Air Ride Machine is a hoverboard-like flying vehicle that responds to it's rider's mental commands. Several were featured in the racing game Kirby Air Ride. Some can fly very well, while others can only hover off the ground. The most famous and recurring Air Ride Machine is the iconic Warp Star.

In Kirby Air Ride

See Kirby Air Ride.

In Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Air Ride Machines also make an appearance in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, most notably in the final episode. In the final episode, they are used primarily by Nightmare Enterprises, but some are put into use by Kirby after their riders are defeated. The Air Ride Machines included in the anime are the Formula Star, the Rocket Star, the Winged Star, and the Shadow Star. All four Air Ride Machines in the anime are also in Kirby Air Ride, with more content in the game than in the Anime, contrary to most things in the Anime.

It can also be noted that the Air Ride Machines were said to have been stolen by Nightmare from the Star Warriors that fell in the battle between the Galaxy Soldier Army and Nightmare Enterprises. According to Kabu, from what he has learned from the other Kabus throughout the universe, Nightmare has been stealing these Air Ride Machines from all over the universe. Because he knew this, he knew that Kirby must learn to fly not just Warp Stars, but other battle vehicles like the Air Ride Machines as well. Therefore, he sent him and Tiff a dream where Kirby received his dream training, which later paid off in the final episode when he stole a Winged Star from a Winged Star rider as he fought to prove what a true Star Warrior he was to everyone (because King Dedede and Escargoon sent and told him to do so and open the gate leading into the main interior of Nightmare's Fortress).

How to Unlock

Air Ride

Mode Course Task Reward
Air Ride Checker Knights Finish 2 laps in under 03:05:00! New Machine: Slick Star
Air Ride Machine Passage Race over 4500 feet in 2 minutes! New Machine: Jet Star
Any Any In any mode other than Free Run, reach the goal a total of 3 times! New Machine: Wagon Star
Air Ride Sky Sands Finish 2 laps in under 02:05:00! New Machine: Swerve Star
Time Attack Frozen Hillside Finish in under 03:14:00! New Machine: Formula Star
Any Any Defeat 10 or more enemies using the Quick Spin! New Machine: Shadow Star
Air Ride Magma Flows Use all the volcano rails and finish in 1st place! New Machine: Turbo Star
Air Ride Any Finish in 1st place while flying through the air! New Machine: Winged Star
Time Attack Celestial Valley Finish in under 03:20:00! New Machine: Bulk Star
Free Run Machine Passage Finish 1 lap in under 01:05:00! New Machine: Rocket Star
Air Ride Any Race all of the standard Air Ride courses! New Machine: Wheelie Bike
Air Ride Any Start the final lap in 4th place and move to 1st to win. New Machine: Wheelie Scooter
Any Any Defeat 100 or more enemies with exhaled stars! New Machine: Rex Wheelie

City Trial

Mode Course Task Reward
Stadium High Jump Jump higher than 1000 feet! Dragoon Part A: Use 3 to complete Dragoon.
City Trial City During one game, fly through the rings in the sky 5 times or more! Dragoon Part B: Use 3 to complete Dragoon.
Stadium Air Glider Fly more than 1300 feet! Dragoon Part C: Use 3 to complete Dragoon.
City Trial City Destroy all of the dilapidated houses! Hydra Part X: Use 3 to complete Hydra.
Stadium Destruction Derby (All) KO enemies over 150 times! Hydra Part Y: Use 3 to complete Hydra.
Stadium Kirby Melee (All) KO over 1500 enemies! Hydra Part Z: Use 3 to complete Hydra.