This guy smiles all the time, because he only has to wait for food to come his way.
— Anemonee's Cast Description • Kirby's Epic Yarn

Anemonees are semi-common enemies appearing in the game Kirby's Epic Yarn. They only appear in the Blub-Blub Ocean and Fossil Reef levels.

Physical Appearance

Anemonees are purple and white in appearance. They are rather short, have a red smiling face, and a yellow and pink button eye. They have six anemone tentacles that will drag anyone in when touched.


Kirby's Epic Yarn

Anemonee makes its only appearance in this game. An Anemonee cannot move and hinder movement underwater. If Kirby and Prince Fluff stumble into its anemone tentacles, the enemy will slowly pull them in and if they do not struggle to get out in time, they will lose beads. If they get out in time, the Anemonee's tentacles will be tangled up and become ineffective for a while. An Anemonee is immune to the yarn whip, and can only be defeated by Dolphin Kirby's Surge Attack or by throwing a yarn ball at its main body.