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Name (JP) アニゲー (Anigē)
First appearanceKirby: Right Back at Ya! (Tooned Out)
Latest appearanceKirby: Right Back at Ya! (Tooned Out)
Copy AbilitySpark
CategoryKirby: Right Back at Ya!
Now I'm going to delete your friend Kirby permanently!
— Anige • Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Anige's full body

Anige is a monster in the Kirby series, appearing exclusively in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.

Physical Appearance

Anige is an elderly robot surrounded by eight spheres orbiting around his body. His head is an old fashioned television with a green screen and one large eye. The rest of his body resembles a tabletop lamp. He has a long metal rod for a body and a golden base. He has no arms. Rather, Anige's hands just float in place. He holds a dusty old controller which he can link to optical senors to control enemies. Like Walney, Anige has a small moustache and a red beret.

In the Anime

Anige is an old, yet cruel and manipulative monster appearing in the episode Tooned Out. Posing as the famous animator Dis Walney, Anige gets Dedede and Kirby to act out a "scene" wearing small optic sensors which he says can get them to appear as cartoons when seen on his computer. Having them right where he wants them, Anige gives the 'okay' to Dedede to start bashing Kirby around the set.Tiff realizes that it isn't the true Walney calling the shots and charges at him hoping to stop him. Walney emits a powerful red force field and reveals his true form. Anige start firing out red lasers at Kirby and Dedede using the floating red orbs surrounding him. He also uses controls their every moves by linking his controller to the optic sensors he placed on them earlier. Anige doesn't really fight directly, he merely controls Dedede and forces him to bash Kirby with his hammer and so on. Meta Knight points out that one of the optical sensors is sparking and tells him to inhale it. With the Spark ability, Kirby blasts a powerful laser at Anige. The monster counters it with a blast of his own, but the blast is essentially overpowered. The beam jolts Anige and he begins to be electrocuted. Kirby destroys Anige by finishing with another powerful blast which blows him to smithereens.


Anige's name is a corruption of the word anime.


  • Anige is one of the few known monsters that can speak.
  • In the Japanese version, Anige's remote controller has a Control Pad on the right side, below the red button in the middle and a joystick on the left side. The case makes it resemble a Nintendo 64 controller. However, in the English dub, the Control Pad is moved to the right, has a grey button in the middle, and the joystick is now on the left side. This makes it more similar to a Sega Dreamcast controller.


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