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KRtDL Another Dimension plaque
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Another Dimension
Name (JP) ザ ラストバトル イン アナザーディメンション (za rasutobatoru in anazādimenshon)
- Meaning The Last Battle in Another Dimension
A place in
Kirby's Return to Dream Land
7Level 8-
WorldInterdimensional tunnel
BossesMagolor, Lor Starcutter, Magolor Soul
Common enemiesMain Mode: Babut, Blade Knight, Chilly, Doomer, Gemra, Gordo, Halcandran Waddle Dee, Hot Head, Knuckle Joe, Lanzer, Leafan, Moonja, Needlous, Owgulf, Parasol, Poppy Bros. Jr., Rocky, Search, Sir Kibble, Sodory, Sparky, Starman, Super Blade Knight, Super Hot Head, Super Waddle Doo, Twister, Waddle Doo, Walky, Water Galbo, Whippy
Extra Mode exclusive: Big Gordo, Halcandran Armored Waddle Dee, Super Chilly
And for being such a big help in all of this, your planet gets to go first! Prepare to bow, Popstar! Welcome your new overlord!
— Magolor • Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Another Dimension is the final level in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. It is the interdimensional space or tunnel between Halcandra and Planet Popstar opened by Magolor using the Lor Starcutter's Halcandran technology in order to start off his scheme of galactic conquest. It is the only level that cannot be accessed from the world map, and can only be accessed after defeating Landia or by going to Dangerous Dinner, entering the boss stage door, and choosing "Final Challenge" from the two options. It is possible the portals within levels with super abilities also lead here, as a large number of Doomer enemies are found here.

At this point, Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede and Waddle Dee already realized that they have been misled into fighting against Landia, who was really protecting the Master Crown from Magolor, who previously made a failed attempt to steal it. After Magolor disappears into the newly-opened rift, Landia offers its assistance and the team takes off in pursuit.

General Information

Another Dimension is an otherworldly place which appears to be similar to outer space, populated by many bizarre and hostile creatures similar in appearance to Sphere Doomers and the Grand Doomer.

Previously, throughout Kirby's adventures on Planet Popstar and Halcandra, there are star-shaped rifts which can be revealed using Super Abilities throughout various stages which lead to dangerous places similar to Another Dimension. They have stark, dark purple environments which perpetually threaten to collapse onto itself, although the usual fauna seen on Popstar and Halcandra are sometimes present in these areas, presumably having entered through the rift before Kirby did.


  • Transparent images of the past levels can be seen in the background of Another Dimension. The ones found in the first segment of the level are harder to see, but the ones that appear during the Lor & Magolor battle are more visible.
KTD Another Dimension

Another Dimension as seen in Kirby Fighters

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