Another Dimension is the seventh and last stage in Kirby Fighters and is the only stage to not reappear in Kirby Fighters Deluxe, instead being replaced by the Fountain of Dreams. The arena is based on the Kirby's Return to Dream Land level of the same name.

General Information

KTD Another Dimension

Kirby fighting against Shadow Kirby in Another Dimension.

Another Dimension is a very basic stage, being just flat terrain, no hazards or platforms. The ground is a thin layer of amber over a dark purple. The background features a glowing red orb with a web extending from it, as well as shapes that resemble gears with varying amounts of teeth. This stage is always the last stage in single-player, in which the player fights again Shadow Kirby, who is using the same Copy Ability as the player. The music that plays here is "Another Dimension."


  • This stage parallels with the recurring stage in the Super Smash Bros. series, Final Destination, being a flat area and where the last battle takes place, and generally depicted as floating in space.