Autocannon 2

A self-firing autocannon.

Or use a cannon in a crafty way to get rid of them all at once. I think you'll need to pile at least six Kirbys into that cannon, however...
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Autocannons are common sights in Kirby Mass Attack.


Kirby Mass Attack

Autocannons act much like cannons; they are a means of transportation for the Kirbys. If one Kirby gets in an autocannon, the rest of them will appear inside as well. When fired, the Kirbys form a tight ball that can plow through any star block, metal block, or enemy or it encounters (except Gondolus).

Some autocannons bear no markings other than their distinctive yellow-orange ring of paint, and automatically fire once all the Kirbys get inside them. Other autocannons are painted to have a red arrow, and these cannons will not fire on their own. They usually (but not always) turn to aim different directions, and can be fired using a tap with the stylus. Some autocannons with arrows hang from the ceiling on springs, and sink in elevation if at least six Kirbys pile into one.

One autocannon appears exclusively in Stage 2 of Dedede Resort. This autocannon counts the number of Kirbys the player has and is raised on a chain into a pinball-like machine. It fires one Kirby at a time, giving the player a maximum of ten shots. A bar determining the power of the shot raises and lowers, so the player can fire with whatever power he/she wants. The number of Kirbys left inside the autocannon is shown on the side.



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