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KMA Baby Soarar sprite
Kirby Mass Attack sprite
Baby Soarar
Name (JP) プチソアラ(puchi-soara)
In Games
KMA Logo2
Copy AbilityNone
Points Given50
CategoryRegular enemy

Baby Soarar is a smaller version of Soarar that appears in Kirby Mass Attack.


Baby Soarar appears in only one level: Stage 7 of Green Grounds. Once the Kirbys break the huge egg found in this level, five Baby Soarars will escape and begin flying around. Each carries an item; two carry apples; one carries bananas; one carries a melon; and one carries a medal. The Baby Soarars will continue to fly around until the player defeats them for their prizes.

If the player does not break the egg, a Colossal Soarar will knock the Kirbys away, then proceed to take the egg from its nest.


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