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KMA Banishback spriteKMA Banishback sprite 2Banishback
Kirby Mass Attack sprites
Name (JP) ブリンバ (Burinba)
- Meaning Possibly a corruption of the English word "bring back."
In Games
KMA Logo2
Copy AbilityNone
Points Given500
CategoryRegular enemy

Banishback is an enemy in Kirby Mass Attack. It debuts in Stage 4 of Volcano Valley, and appears only in that level.


Banishback appears to be just a big, round pink cloud with a wide, evil smile. They make an off key whining sound that gets louder as they come closer. There are several sizes of Banishbacks, but they all appear exactly the same.


Banishbacks do not actually attack (and are often placed like hazards rather than enemies), but if one of the Kirbys touches one, it will suck in all the Kirbys and take them back to the beginning of the room they were in. This makes them more of a hindrance. Banishbacks' mobility is rather slow, but the larger sized ones can take up a great deal of space. They are present both on land and underwater.


  • One of the events listed as a challenge requires the player to complete Stage 4 of Volcano Valley without coming into contact with a Banishback, and without using the shortcut.
  • Banishback is very similar to Trappa from the Legendary Starfy series as they both teleport the main character to the beginning of the room.


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