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Batamon are mysterious enemy characters that appear only in Kirby's Dream Land 3. They seemingly do not have any purpose. Batamon are notable for bearing a great, uncanny resemblance to Kirby and are very secret enemies.

Almost all Batamon choose to patrol behind the walls inaccessible to Kirby. But many ability and Animal Friend combinations can put an end to them. The only way to encounter a Batamon face to face without the use of cheat codes or hacks is by entering a hidden door in Cloudy Park. If Kirby decides to inhale this Batamon, he doesn't get an ability.

The most interesting thing to note about Batamon are their aforementioned resemblance to Kirby. Batamon appears as a nearly identical creature to him, although they differ in width and facial appearance, as Batamon are wider and have a more spread-out face. Their near-identical appearance suggests that they could possibly be of the same species.

It has also been believed to be an abandoned sprite for Kirby in the early stages of the game's development, though this is purely speculation.


  • Batamon's artwork is very similar to that of Shadow Kirby; both characters are drawn from behind while walking.