Kirbycolors This article is about the level in Kirby's Epic Yarn. For Meta Knight's battleship, see Halberd
KEY Battleship Halberd
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Battleship Halberd
A place in
Kirby's Epic Yarn
49Stage 8/7 (50)-
WorldDream Land
ThemeIn and around the Halberd
TreasuresFurniture: Galaxia Sword, Knight's Helmet; Battleship Halberd CD
Common enemiesBronto Burt, Spear Waddle Dee, UFO, Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo
Mid-bossesMain Cannon No. 2, Reactor
Special notesMetamortex: Star Shooter
Hit the Star Shooter Metamortex, and make a daring run across Battleship Halberd. This flying fortress is covered with mounted cannons, and swarming UFOs are itching for a fight. Blast a path through the cannon fire, and take back Meta Knight's battleship!
— Official guide

Battleship Halberd is the 50th and final level in Kirby's Epic Yarn, coming after Meta Melon Isle. It is the second unlockable and last level in Dream Land, the eighth world in the game. The level is unlocked by obtaining sufficient Beads in Meta Melon Isle.

Like Outer Rings, this level is a straight shoot-em'-up since Kirby grabs the Star Shooter metamortex right at the start.


This stage begins near a yellow patch; pulling it off reveals a Star Shooter metamortex. After the player flies through a wave of enemies, they will approach the front of the Halberd. They will then fly above the Halberd- destroying the first cannon encountered reveals the first Bonus Star of the stage, and destroying the fifth cannon uncovers the Galaxia Sword treasure. A few moments, later, the player will approach Main Cannon No. 2. After defeating both segments of the cannon, the player will continue into a passage that leads them inside the Halberd. Once inside, they must defeat more enemies and cannons. Defeating the fifth cannon encountered in this passage reveals the Knight Helmet treasure. After this, they will enter an area with blasts of fire. The second Bonus Star, surrounded by two fire cannons, can be uncovered by taking the lower path in this area. Once the Bonus Star is collected, the passage will lead the player into an area with cannons on the ceiling and on the floor. Destroying the large ceiling and floor cannons will reveal the last Bonus Star and the Battleship Halberd CD, respectively. In the next room, the player must face and destroy the Halberd's Reactor. After it is destroyed, the player will move on into the next room, where the Bonus Bell appears and the level is completed.


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Theme - Halberd
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Halberd is Meta Knight's personal battleship. Throughout the series' history, it has been wrecked three times - once after the events of Revenge of Meta Knight, its most important appearance; crashing into Orange Ocean afterwards. After Kirby faces off against Meta Knight in Secret Sea in Kirby: Squeak Squad, however, it appears to have been repaired back to its prime from its wreckage in Kirby Super Star and Ultra. Also during the events in the prologue of Kirby Planet Robobot, where Meta Knight takes the Halberd to do battle against the Haltmann Works Company's HQ. During which it is promptly shot-down by a laser beam from the HQ, although the ship seems to make a full recovery by the end of the game. While not in the same continuum, the Halberd was destroyed at the end of the anime Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, in Nightmare's Fortress, and no trace of it was left.