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Copy Ability
Chara beetle
Kirby: Triple Deluxe artwork
Name (JP) ビートル (Bītoru)
In Games
KTD logo
AppearanceA dark blue Samurai-style helmet with golden edges, and rhinoceros beetle-like horns on the front and back.
Other PowersCuts ropes and grass, pounds stakes
Ability IconKTD Beetle icon
Regular enemiesBeetley
A flash of light reflects off its horn as the king of bugs soars through the sky! After charging your enemies to grab them with your horn, you can slam them into the ground!
— Beetle's Flavor Text • Kirby: Triple Deluxe

Beetle is a Copy Ability introduced in Kirby: Triple Deluxe.

General Information

With the Beetle ability, Kirby can use the horn on his helmet to attack and skewer enemies. He also gains a new flying animation, where he flaps wings that appear on the back of his helmet -- it inflicts damage similarly to Jet's Hover and Wing's Hover Flap. Beetle excels in grab-and-throw attacks, much like the Suplex and Backdrop abilities. All attacks involving Kirby's horn can cut ropes and grass, and the Hardhead Slam attack can pound down stakes.

Move Set

Move Controls Description Element
Horn Upper B Kirby slashes the large horn of his hat upwards. None
Horn Flurry B (repeatedly) Kirby quickly slashes upwards several times with the large horn on the front of his helmet. None
Rocket Horn Dash + B Kirby lunges forward, horn-first, and skewers any small enemies in his way. After he stops, he throws them off. None
Rocket Horn Dive ↑ during Rocket Horn Kirby flies upwards and backwards in a wide circle to slam the skewered enemies into the ground. None
Spiral Horn ↑ + B Kirby spins and flies upwards, sucking in and damaging any nearby enemies with his horn. Kirby is invincible while performing this attack. None
Hardhead Slam ↓ + B Kirby points his horn downward and spirals to the ground. None
Catching Horn ↑/→ + B (near enemy) Kirby skewers an enemy with his horn, rendering them helpless. None
Carry Around Move (after Catching Horn) Kirby can walk around with an enemy on his horn. None
Quick Throw B (after Catching Horn) Kirby tosses the enemy off his horn. None
Throw Drop ↑ + B (after Catching Horn) Kirby jumps with the grabbed enemy and slams it against the ground, much like Ninja's Air Drop. None
Crown Drop ← + B (after Catching Horn) Kirby does a double backflip with the grabbed enemy and slams it against the ground. None
Slamming Drill ↓ + B (after Catching Horn) Kirby spins the grabbed enemy against the ground. None
Hover Wing A (Midair) Kirby flaps his beetle wings. Holding the button or pressing it repeatedly will make him fly higher. It does little damage to enemies. None


  • This is the second ability to be based on a living creature, the first being Animal.
  • This is the fourth ability to give Kirby a unique flying animation. The other three are Jet, Wing, and Cupid.
  • This is the fifth ability with which Kirby actually attacks with his hat. The others are Jet, Cutter, Wing, and Laser.
  • In Kirby Fighters Deluxe, Beetle's alternate costume is the Hydra.
  • In Kirby Fighters Deluxe, if the player uses Rocket Horn Dive in the Castle Lololo stage, Beetle Kirby can grab opponents from the level above and force them through the floor.



Other Icons

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