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Big Birdee
Name (JP) デラトリィ (Deratorii)
In Games
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Copy AbilityNone
Points Given1000
Seeing how close Big Birdee and the Wee Birdees are makes me tear up...
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Big Birdee is a mid-boss and an ally appearing in Kirby Mass Attack. She is fought in Stage 3 of Green Grounds. Big Birdee is first seen in Stage 1 where she is carrying fruit. The Kirbys knock her down and take the fruit.

After defeating her, Big Birdee will fly off and won't be seen again until Stage 11 of Sandy Canyon, where the Kirbys have to save her Wee Birdees from the Gegs that imprisoned them. Once the Kirbys save her babies, Big Birdee will become a vital ally in the Kirbys' journey, usually accompanied by other Birdees. She sometimes gets them out of jams and transports them into other parts of the level. Her role in the game is similar to Dyna Blade's role in previous games.

Big Birdee occasionally appears in the fishing sub-game during the end credits. She requires more effort to fish out than most other enemies and items, but not as much effort as King Dedede.


Big Birdee is a rotund, yellow bird with blue eyes. She wears a pair of blue overalls with red buttons. She has a pointy, red beak and small wings. Big Birdee also has orange talons and a large red crest.


Big Birdee attacks by simply throwing red spikeballs at the Kirbys. She flies overhead and drops the hazard. Occasionally, she will go to the right or left side of the screen and chuck a red spikeball from there. Sometimes, she'll fly over the Kirbys without any spikeballs, making herself vulnerable.

To defeat her, the Kirbys simply need to bring her to the ground when she flies overhead. This needs to be done three times to win the battle.


  • Big Birdee, Dyna Blade, and Hot Wings are the only known mothers to appear in the Kirby video game series.



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