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Big Metalun
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Big Metalun is a large, metallic, cycloptic creature who serves as a mid-boss in Kirby: Squeak Squad. Its only attack is to curl up into a ball and roll full-force into Kirby. Although this is its only attack, every time it takes a step, rocks will fall from the ceiling. These can be inhaled and used against Big Metalun. The rocks offers no ability when swallowed. It is a relative or sub-species of Metalun. Just like Metalun, Big Metalun gives the Metal ability when inhaled.

Physical Appearance

Big Metalun's body is a huge chunk of bluish plated metal (possibly steel or iron) with a pair of stubby arms and legs. It has a single blue eye covered by a thin sheet of metal on top of its head.

Big Metalun is extremely heavy. Its girth forces it to walk very lethargically, but makes its body nearly impenetrable to many attacks. This means Kirby's attacks do significantly less damage to it.



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