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Kirby Mass Attack sprite
Big Schnoz
Name (JP) ドドスタン (Dodosutan)
- Meaning Schnoz's Japanese name comes from the sound effect for stomping, "dosudosu."
In Games
KMA Logo2
Copy AbilityNone
Points Given500
CategoryLarge enemy
A Big Schnoz lurks near that medal. To defeat him, you'll need to push against him as many times as you can, and as FAST as possible.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Big Schnoz is a large enemy in Kirby Mass Attack. He likes to push blocks about, either to flatten Kirby against a wall or to simply prevent him from getting a medal or progressing further. A smaller relative is Schnoz, and an even larger one is Giant Schnoz.


Big Schnoz is a large, red, bipedal creature. He has large fangs sticking out of his mouth, both with the ends worn flat from unseen use. Big Schnoz has a protruding, round nose. Like his relatives, he paws the ground like a rhinoceros before charging at a block, which kinks his nose somewhat.

Big Schnoz's first appearance is in Stage 5 of Green Grounds, where it pushes around large Heave Ho Blocks. It takes considerably more pushing and shoving for the Kirbys to get past him. Like Schnoz, he will walk away from the block if he pushes it as far as he can or if the player takes too long pushing against him. Big Schnoz is not seen in many levels thereafter.


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