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KMA Big Stactus sprite
Kirby Mass Attack sprite
Big Stactus
Name (JP) デラカクサン (Derakakusan)
In Games
KMA Logo2
Copy AbilityNone
Points Given500
CategoryLarge Enemy
There's a Big Stactus lounging on top of a floor made of metal blocks somewhere. A Big Stactus can make for a great battering ram, if you defeat it. They can summon a storm of thorns, so you'll have to scatter yourselves if that happens!
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Big Stacti are uncommon enemies appearing in Kirby Mass Attack. They are native to Sandy Canyon and as their name suggests, are much larger versions of their counterparts.


Big Stacti look exactly like their smaller versions, the only major difference being their size. Their eyes appear to be more droopy than regular Stacti.


Instead of protruding their needles like a normal Stactus, a Big Stactus will shoot four wooden arrows from its flower. These arrows will drop in the location the Kirby's were in prior to Big Stactus firing.

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