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Kirby Super Star Ultra artwork
Name (JP) バイオスパーク (Baiosupāku)
In Games
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Copy abilityNinja
Points Given300
CategoryRegular enemy, Helper
Helper IconBiosparkiconKSSU

Biospark (also spelled Bio Spark) is a fairly rare enemy character appearing in a few Kirby series games, appearing only in Kirby Super Star, its remake, and Kirby: Squeak Squad (though it does make a cameo appearance in Kirby Mass Attack). He's a small ninja wth a cloak of black, purple, red, or blue. Being a ninja, Biospark has a multitude of common and stereotypical ninja-styled attacks. He possesses Kunai, lightning speed, has the ability to cling to walls, and even blend into the background with a seemingly magical cloth. He, along with Tsukikage, are the only enemies to supply the Ninja ability in the games (though not an enemy, Spinni's shuriken also gives the ability).


Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra

Biospark attack right
Biospark's Helper form from Kirby Super Star attacking.

Biospark is a rare enemy, appearing rather infrequently. Upon seeing Kirby, he jumps about and attacks. His attacks, though weak, can be dealt across long distances. He throws many Kunai at Kirby. If Kirby is close to Biospark he will grab him, leap into the air and slam him to the ground in a similar fashion to the Backdrop ability. He has one very dangerous attack in which he starts slashing/thrusting his Kunai rapidly forward and it will take half of Kirby's HP, as Kirby can take nearly all the hits. He is also the Helper for the Ninja ability and wears purple instead of black. In Helper to Hero, he wears red with blue hair and blue feet.

Kirby: Squeak Squad

Biospark returns along with the Ninja ability. Biospark also has a new arsenal, too. He can now hide behind a sheet to blend in with surroundings (camouflage). However, Biospark's hands are visible at the top of the sheet while holding it up. If Kirby draws near while he is in hiding, Biospark throws the cloth aside and then slashes Kirby with one of his kunai knives. If Kirby possesses him with the Ghost ability, it is observed that when he uses his sheet that attacks go through him, enemies get hurt if they touch him, and he is invincible. He is also somewhat larger than in Kirby Super Star.

Kirby Mass Attack

Biospark appears in Kirby Mass Attack as well. in Kirby Brawlball, he appears as an obstacle in the basic King Dedede stage. When he first appears, he is clinging to one wall, and when Kirby hits him, he disappears. He then respawns just standing there, and will slash at Kirby with a kunai when he comes close. Biospark also throws knives that will earn Kirby some points if he hits them.




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