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KMA Birdee sprite
Kirby Mass Attack sprite
Name (JP) トリィ (Torī)
- Meaning Bird
In Games
KMA Logo2
Copy AbilityNone
Points Given200

Birdees are semi-common enemies in Kirby Mass Attack. They appear in many of the early levels of Green Grounds and later appear in Sandy Canyon as rare enemies.

After helping the Wee Birdees reunite with Big Birdee, the Birdees will help the Kirbys on their adventure. In the later levels of Dedede Resort and Volcano Valley, the Birdees will appear holding bells rather than red spikeballs. This bell summons Big Birdee, who will transport the Kirbys into another area of the level. A pair of Birdees will also aid the Kirbys in the battle with Skullord by providing them with a container that the molten rocks can be kept in.


Birdees look very similar to Big Birdee. They are yellow and round, with a sharp red beak, orange talons, and yellow wings and tail feathers. Their crest is significantly smaller and they wear orange overalls with a single yellow button.


While they are enemies, Birdees attack the Kirbys by throwing red spikeballs or explosive coconuts at them. Birdees may also carry fruit and medals.


  • Birdees stop being enemies to the Kirbys after Stage 11 of Sandy Canyon, yet for an unexplained reason, they appear as enemies in Stage 10 of Volcano Valley.



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