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CategoryRegular enemy

Blasto is an enemy in Kirby's Block Ball.

Physical Appearance

Blasto is a glaring black ball. It has four rounded bumps sticking out of its body diagonally. It only opens its mouth when Kirby strikes it. Altogether, it bears a strong resemblance to Gordo.


Blasto is introduced in Mr. Frosty's stage. It slowly moves back and forth, minding its own business. If Kirby hits it twice, it will be defeated and drop the Crash item -- the item will detonate upon contact with Kirby and the resulting explosion will melt all nearby Metal Blocks. This is required to clear multiple rounds in the game.


  • Blado, an enemy in Kirby: Canvas Curse, looks extremely similar to Blasto, right down to the glaring expression. Search, an enemy in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, is even more like Blasto; both enemies look remarkably similar and create giant explosions.
    • They also both share the distinction of being apparent variations of Gordo.


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