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  • GreenHillTraveler

    Ive read here and there that HAL Labs has a Kirby Game for 3-DS lined up...eventually. I cant help but wonder if this might be a 3-D Kirby platformer...maybe. What do you think this game is, or just as importantly, what do you think it should be?

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  • MazNator

    The 3DS! Pure awsome!

    September 22, 2011 by MazNator

    One of the most exciting things happened to me the other day: I got to try out a 3DS demo! I was kinda skeptical, but the clear graphics, amazing effects, and smooth controls won me right over. I never expected anything THAT awsome! So, once I save up I'm definetly getting one. Hope to see a kirby game for it soon, that would be beyond awsome!

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  • GreenHillTraveler

    This is blog#2 in my Kirby 20th Anniversary series. I thought it might be fun to see what you folks think are the best tunes in the series! I think these are the best: How about you?

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  • GreenHillTraveler

    Our little Pink Hero turns 20 years old in 2012! What do you think Nintendo should do to celebrate?

    I think they should have a Kirby RPG for the occasion, myself. How about you?

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  • Ami670


    September 7, 2011 by Ami670

    I will try to spend time on this wiki ASAP.

    Melissa the Hedgehog is right back at ya! 23:53, September 7, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Leeds90

    Kirby games

    August 7, 2011 by Leeds90

    I have them all.I have all the games of pokemon or kirby.

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  • ImagineNight

    I have been checking many sources and want to confirm this.

    Kirby Wii's official name is Kirby Returns to Dreamland. Wikipedia, IGN, GameStop, etc. are using this name and have updated their information. GameFAQs has not changed to the name of Kirby Wii yet, but this is probably because they are waiting to see the packaging before realizing that some kind of mistake could have been made. Comic-con's footage seems to use this title as well? I don't see it as a bad move to do it, as well, but are we waiting? If not, I will add it into the wiki unless someone else beats me to it, first.

    EDIT: Oh, look at this beautiful piece of information:


    "During E3 this ye…

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  • Ultimate Legend Star Kirby12

    Hey, me and my friends call Sailor Dee Captain Dee and Bandanna Dee Fighter Dee, can these names be used?

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  • KaroTheKirby

    Are you excited about Kirby Wii?! I am! What do you think the gameplay will be about? Do you think it will be good? Do you think it will bad? I wanna know what you feel about Kirby Wii.

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  • ImagineNight

    I created an account for Wikia today. Feels nice to be here. I will also try to make contributions from now on. Only abouts that I know for sure, of course. Reviewing wikis takes a lot of time, but I appreciate it when people correct the mistakes or ask me questions about the contributions I make.

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  • Amyroselove

    Hey everyone! ^_^

    I know I don't do this Wiki much. but I was wondering if any of you guys want to help me with my Wiki?

    My Wiki is a Anime & Manga Wiki! so if you like Anime or Manga please join!

    I've asked a LOT of people from other Wikis to help me. but no one really helps. they say I'll help but they don't. so I'm working on the Wiki by myself.

    it's o.k if you don't want to. but Please don't say I'll help and you don't help.

    here is a link

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  • 10-Volt Finish Kirby 64 without taking any damage, but you realize after months of wondering that you need to collect all the Crystal Shards!

    If you have any ideas, post them as comments.

    10-Volt out.

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  • ParaGoomba348

    Thank you all so much for voting last time! We had some good match-ups last match! To recap, the results from last time: Dark Matter sucking Gobbler through a portal, Dyna Blade crash-landing Bombar, Meta Knight slicing right through Moley, and Wiz "magic-tricking" Fangora. Now, for the next battles!

    Angie vs. Kracko

    This match is probably going to be another "Blowout." Kracko, the famous Kirby boss, is up against the not-so-famous angel from Kirby's Epic Yarn, Angie! These two warriors are supreme in the air, but only Kracko possesses fighting ability! However, Angie could surprise Kracko... Who will rule the skies?


    Results: Angie, 0. Kracko, 5.

    This battle in the skies was proven to be dominated by the evil one-eyed cloud. …

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  • ParaGoomba348

    Thank you guys all for voting last round! We had some pretty interesting match-ups and results, including Fatty Whale drowning Storo, Adelaine painting Beadrix green with envy, Batafire burning Sir Ebrum alive, and Master Hand causing Shotzo to fall off a cliff. Now, the fights.

    Dark Matter vs. Gobbler

    Two scary foes go against each other in a terrifying match! These two are fast in shortened gravity, have minions, and fight Kirby when he goes very slowly! Will Dark Matter consume the soul of Gobbler, or will Gobbler eat Dark Matter alive?


    Results: Dark Matter, 5. Gobbler, 0.

    A surprising match indeed! Sure, Dark Matter is much more powerful, but man, Gobbler deserved SOME hits. These two enemies of Kirby met up with each othe…

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  • Changtau2005

    Skin Change

    April 26, 2011 by Changtau2005

    Users familiar with the site would have noticed a significant change in site layout over the last two months, however, on 26 April 2011, the site has had the largest revamp in general look and feel yet. This is not a sudden decision, and I've been working on it for a few weeks over here, and the change has been applied following positive and constructive comments by active members of the community. Application of the new skin is such that aesthetics, editing and navigational functionalities should be much improved, but it can and will be reversed if community consensus is negative.

    This outlines all the major changes from what users are familiar to. The column on the left is the new layout, the column on the right is the familiar one.

    Most o…

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  • Marx Wraith

    I'm finally back!

    April 23, 2011 by Marx Wraith

    Its good to be back and nice to see this wiki is looking extra spiffy! :D

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  • MagicalChez

    Epic Yarn

    April 22, 2011 by MagicalChez

    OK, it's not theat Epic Yarn isn't fun. it is. BUT it doesn't go along with the other kirby games, and it pisses me off. it's like someone made a game, didn't think it would sell, and re-skinned it with Kirby to sell more. And there's too much foucus on Kirby being cute. He's adorable, we know, don't exploit it! it looks like a little kid's game (which it isn't) there's a narrorator who's voice kinda creeps me out for some reason... and EVERY TIME you defeat a boss, he says "and then the magic yarn shimmered and sparkled in the sky, and sewed two pieces of patchland together!" OK, we get it, it's magic yarn you don't have to use the same cutscene every time!! annoying!! X(

    and it's not a kirby game if you can't coppy abiliaties! canvus curse wa…

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  • Dr. Eggman rox 2

    King DEDEDE

    April 10, 2011 by Dr. Eggman rox 2

    i want to put a qoute for King Dedede's page. can you tell me one or just put it on the page

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  • ParaGoomba348



    Final Score: Fatty Whale, 3. Storo, 2.

    This battle saw a match of true blue, but water beat land as Storo tried to pound Fatty Whale. Fatty Whale moved out of the way as Storo dove right under, and then drowned in the water. Now, one member of the Squeak Squad has been eliminated, four yet remain.

    This match is a battle between two of Kirby's less appreciated friends.

    These two both show artistic talent, Beadrix loves beads while Adeleine likes to paint. They have both helped out Kirby on a few occasions, and both appear on home console games!

    Will Beadrix bead out Adeleine, or will Adeleine paint Beadrix?


    Final Score: Beadrix, 1. Adelaine, 4.

    While K…

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  • Biospark22

    Uh...Guys...Guys...GUYS!!!Help me out PLEASE!!!!!!!!Here's an idea to get ya started.

    Flaming Scarf

    Swooshing around the area,Spitting out Hot Heads and Flamers,Drop Meteors

    Fire,Buring,Stone (from enimies and meteors)

    Neo Star

    A Scarfy with a sneer at all times and a tail with a red flame,steam pours from his and a blue-white flame with smoke in his final form.He became a boss when he got hypnotized to drop in lava,making him a beast...

    Final Form Add-on Attack: Targeting Flame Thrower

    Cool,eh?Now get thinkin'! Biospark22 13:41, April 6, 2011 (UTC)Biospark22

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  • Yellowkirby64

    Ask Kirby!

    April 4, 2011 by Yellowkirby64

    There is now a new kirby answers site!Ask what you need to know!

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  • Dialgaofpower

    The axew I want:

    Cannot have a nickname

    Must be hatched from an egg (You can choose if it has an egg move or not)

    Must be Level 1-20

    Cannot have an HM/TM move

    And can have a mail attached to it.

    YOU HAVE THAT AXEW!?!?!? HUH!?!?!?!? HUH!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?

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  • 0verlord Gouki

    In this day and age where video games are currently in a territorial pissing match, trying to create the next best thing, a few developers try to get ahead of the curve and essentially leave the roots that built them up in the first place. In relation to the Kirby series, its a bit obvious a few newer releases have had some sort of gimmick added to them. I'm am not saying none of these were bad choices, I am simply pointing them out. Amazing Mirror added the cell phone, allowing you to call three other Kirbys to your side in battle or exit to the main hub. Canvas Curse had the player directing Kirby's movement via stylus. Squeak Squad brought back simplified elements from Crystal Shards and allowed ability combinations, albeit immensely to…

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  • ParaGoomba348

    Thank you so much for coming! Now we've got 4 more battles heading your way! Let me remind you of our past winners: Kracko Jr., knocking the batteries out of Mr. Tick Tock. Escargoon, defeating Zeke with his raw skill. Chef Kawasaki, frying up Sparky and serving him on the menu, and Marx, slicing up the Dragoon. Now, here we go!

    This is your standard David and Goliath match. NOVA is a large, clockwork, mechanical, wish-granting entity that was so powerful, Kirby had to take him down with his starship! Paint Roller is less powerful, but he's definitely trickier -- and a much smaller target. Will NOVA demolish Paint Roller, or will Paint Roller paint splatter NOVA?


    Score: NOVA: 1, Paint Roller: 5

    What a surprising match! NO…

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  • ParaGoomba348

    Welcome to the first ever battle round of the Kirby of the Stars Tournament! Four battles will be held here, and better yet, YOU decide the winners! You may comment saying who you voted for, but you don't have to. So, without further ado, let's begin the battles!

    The first ever battle in the Kirby of the Stars Tournament is a battle between two weak foes of Kirby, yet not too weak. Kirby defeated them pretty easily, let's see how they do against each other. Mr. Tick Tock is an alarm clock who can shoot rogue music notes. Kracko Jr. is the incomplete form of Kracko that can spawn bombs. Will Mr. Tick Tock condense Kracko Jr., or will Kracko Jr. leave Mr. Tick Tock in the "Sleep" position forever?


    RESULTS: Mr. Tick Tock: 2, …

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  • Timson622222

    Kirby Timeline

    March 16, 2011 by Timson622222

    If remakes are counted:

    • Kirby's Dream Land / Spring Breeze
      • If Kirby's Dream Land was counted: Kirby's Adventure / Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
      • If Spring Breeze was counted: Revenge of the King → Kirby's Adventure / Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
    • Meta Knightmare
    • Kirby's Dream Land 2
    • Dyna Blade
    • The Great Cave Offensive
    • Revenge of Meta Knight
    • Kirby's Dream Land 3
    • Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
    • Kirby & the Amazing Mirror
    • Kirby: Squeak Squad
    • Kirby: Canvas Curse
    • Kirby's Epic Yarn
    • Milky Way Wishes
    • Meta Knightmare Ultra
    • Helper to Hero
    • The True Arena


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  • Biospark22

    Bosses All Around

    March 13, 2011 by Biospark22

    Hi...its BS22 here and I have a note from Kirby.

    Dear Bio Spark and Readers,I fight great bosses,yet sometimes they are TOO EASY for me.If you could,make a boss for me,please?I need this info on the boss.

    • The name.(Make a spin-off!Possibly Fire Tiger or Ultimate Marx!)
    • Where you fight it.(Can be a known place,or a unknown one...)
    • If it gives powers.(i.e. Kracko gives Beam,Acro gives Cutter,etc.
    • What the best powers are.(Bomb for Whispy,any ability for MM,etc.)
    • Heck,even include some info!(Appearance,why it's a boss etc.)
    • What moves it has.

    OK,thats what you do!Add anything else,thats optional.


    Ok guys!(and gals...)What the note says,you do!

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  • Dr. Eggman rox 2

    goals gone!

    March 10, 2011 by Dr. Eggman rox 2

    all of my goals are gone! now im just editing

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  • Juicedrink

    Hi! Whats your favorite copy abilty? Mine is Mirror or Paint. ☻»♦§☼§♦«☻ 19:36, March 6, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Yellowkirby64

    Talk Page

    March 5, 2011 by Yellowkirby64

    Listin,I now have rules on my talk page:You may not insult me.2.Threats to block are now banned,I'f you do i'll just erase it

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  • Juicedrink

    First go to your profile. Bring your cursor on your avatar.(Or blank avatar if you dont have one.) Once you do that you will see a box that says " change avatar" click on it. Scroll down and you will see a box that says "create a signature." Below that there will be a checkbox thingymagiggy. Click on that so it is checked. Next type in anything in the box above the check box thingymagiggymabobber. Ex: &_&

    It can be anything. I prefer alt codes. (google it) ☺☻♥☻☺ thats and alt code. ♦+.+♦ 04:02, March 4, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Timson622222

    It's come to my attention, sadly, that the Kirby Wiki is also suffering from a surge of editors who don't know what they're doing. As I did on the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wiki, here are some guidelines for editing:

    If you are to make edits, you are to make them constructive in the following ways:

    • Only factual information should go in pages- opinions are not allowed unless you feel that it is very important (in that case, it should go under a Trivia section.)
    • You may not sign edits with your signature.
    • You must type as correct grammar as possible.
    • You must cite sources as necessary.
    • You may not make strange, vague comments on the page. This also goes under the "no opinion unless important" rule.
    • You may not insult the topic.
    • Speculation is when you pred…
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  • DRAGOON 784

    editing this wiki is amazeing im get realy good thots about the nexd few years for it

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  • Yellowkirby64

    The Fight

    February 8, 2011 by Yellowkirby64

    It's the biggest battle.You use a attack on anyother fighter everyone's fighting at once.Who will take the gold?~YK64 Stay Cool Like Spinni current fight:Rick vs Flamer

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  • ParaGoomba348

    Here it is, 128 characters from Kirby competing for top spot! This will go on for as long as it takes! Every 3 days I will hold 4 matches, and the winners are no one to decide but you! So here it is, I'm bringing it to the Kirby Wiki (Because no one bothered to comment on my forum post.) So now, we begin round 0: Suggestions! 8 people suggested per person, I will then randomize the names and put it into a tournament! Here are the rules for suggestions:

    1. Absolutely no repeats. If a character is suggested, it's automatically in.

    2. The characters suggested can be from ANY Kirby continuity, whether it be the games, the anime, the spinoffs, or any other continuity you can find.

    3. Do not vote more than once. Since I'm not an admin anym…

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  • Kirbycrazysuperfan

    I love Kirby!

    February 1, 2011 by Kirbycrazysuperfan

    I am a very huge kirby fan. I love him!!!

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  • Cookkirby

    Kirby Powers

    January 19, 2011 by Cookkirby

    I just want to know, does anynone have great ideas for powers! If you do, post them here.

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  • Marxguy


    January 9, 2011 by Marxguy

    Its been months sense i last blogged, so here it is.It is kinda hard keeping up with the blog all the time, so instead i will blog every month.

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  • Zero Matter

    I know it isn't much of a blog post, but just wanted to know your reactions to Kirby's latest platformer.

    Honestly, I love the design and gameplay, and disagree with anyone who says it isn't Kirby because of lack of inhale.

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  • Kirbyash

    Which is the easiest boss?

    December 5, 2010 by Kirbyash

    I would like to see that question.

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  • Starman125

    An announcement

    November 8, 2010 by Starman125

    We have cancelled the merger with WiKirby. Don't worry, though, because Kirby Wiki will be moved to MediaWiki on an independent domain instead.

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  • ChozoBoy

    Hey this is ChozoBoy, the main contributor over at Wikitroid. I won the GoNintendo Epic Yarn quilt patch contest and figured I'd share my work before Nintendo sews them together and it is officially unveiled. Hope you guys dig it. Don't know what will happen to the final quilt, but presumably it would hang at NoA headquarters or something.

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  • Hikaruyami-having fun*

    New Skin

    October 7, 2010 by Hikaruyami-having fun*

    < User blog:Wh!te$tarOn Sonic Fanon Wiki, we've had a huge discussion (and I mean HUGE) on moving because of the manditory new skin. We agreed to move the site, but what about here? Just to show you, this is the new skin: New wiki skin.jpgView photo detailsAdded by Wh!te$tarNow, we considered everything from protest to Here's the original blog on Sonic Fanon if you'd like. [1]

    Here are the option we proposed in general

    1) Move the wiki. Basically everyone voted for this.

    2)Protest. Alot of people protested, but the wiki people are too thickheaded.

    3)accept it. Literally nobody voted for this!

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  • Puffball123


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  • Starman125

    New Kirby game for the DS

    September 30, 2010 by Starman125

    Not much is known about it, (not yet anyways), but what is known, is that it will come out in 2011.

    Post your thoughts on how it will be.

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  • WinXkaila

    NOTE TO BLUE NINJAKOOPA: Despite the non-Kirby related tracks, you SHOULD remember that there is still stuff related to Kirby and should be remembered every time. So please do not delete this and don't think it is not Kirby related at all.

    Well hello lopers ( A word from Coraline that meant "buddies" )!!!! Today is the day I start blogging here!!! Do you know what? I have been waiting enough time to ask people about this!!! Enough talking now. This is all the other songs from other franchises ( Video Game or other media ) that you ever WANTED to appear in the Kirby games. So then, let the list begin! ( Even if you don't have the game , you can still add them here )

    • Believix theme ( WinX Club Season 4 )
    • Bouldergerist ( Super Mario Galaxy )
    • Malagdnu…

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  • Yukiko22 bored but i think the most hardest boss is my list of the only Kirby games i played:

    -Kirby Squeak Squad:Mecha Kracko & Dark Daroach

    -Kirby Super Star Ultra:Masked Dedede & Dyna Blade (Dyna is easy but for me is hard)

    -Kirby Canvas Curse:no in the level with Canvas Canyon.

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  • Souptama56

    Who hates the anime?

    August 29, 2010 by Souptama56


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  • Metaknight321

    Mine's either Kirby 64 or Super Star Ultra

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  • Metaknight321

    I don't really have one

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