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  • CaveStoryKing

    AAWDA 1

    August 15, 2016 by CaveStoryKing

    Hello, and thanks for visiting my blog post! I'm so glad you could stop bye.

    I have the unusual pleasure of having a Waddle Dee stopping at my house, and, for this week only (maybe longer if this is popular), he will answer all of your Waddle-Dee-related questions! Just leave a comment down below, and we will answer it.

    If you're interested in having another character do an AMA (Ask MAnything), feel free to leave that in the comments as well.

    Here's an example of the format I would like for a question:

    Q: Hello, Waddle Dee, what is your name?

    And I would answer...

    A: I am Waddle Dee #3141592, but you can call me Kenry.

    Have fun!

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  • Starman125

    Kirby GBA icons

    July 19, 2016 by Starman125

    EDIT: Done! Thanks to Iqskirby for replacing the icons.

    To any active editors that might see this...

    I've recently uploaded a slew of borderless Copy Ability icons from Nightmare in Dream Land and Amazing Mirror to replace the bordered icons we have now. However, I do not have the time to go through each and every article to replace these icons myself, so I would like anyone who reads this to do it in my stead.

    The icons I've uploaded are named as such:

    • File:iconKNIDLKATAM.png for icons that show up in both games;
    • File:iconKNIDL.png for icons that are exclusive to Nightmare in Dream Land;
    • File:iconKATAM.png for icons that are exclusive to Amazing Mirror.

    You can also see this page for the icons I've uploaded.

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  • Iqskirby

    Alright, it's time for that blog post I'd promised earlier. I'd mentioned earlier of my idea of creating a sort of map of Popstar. Now I'm going to explain it in full. For reference, I'm not going to be including locations in spin-offs/small sub-games, Canvas Curse (we don't know if it actually takes place in Dream Land or not), Kirby: Planet Robobot (too soon), and the anime. So, let's get to it.

    So, we need a generalization of what Popstar looks like. Kirby's Dream Land 3 and Kirby's Return to Dream Land both use the five corners or quintants (you know, like quadrant, but 5; I don't think it's an official word) of Popstar for their locations. Considering a star is a 2-dimensional shape, it has a front and a back. The landmarks of KDL3 cou…

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  • Paul2

    I'll admit, I wasn't really sure if I would continue this series for Nintendo's E3 2016 presentation. I was more than a little disappointed with the announcement that Nintendo would be holding a 'Treehouse' event and would only be showcasing two games on Day 1, again breaking the mold of their previous run of Digital Events and Nintendo Directs. Because of the fact that this presentation was rather different, I'll be showcasing some of the more notable elements of the presentation factor along with the games themselves.

    This E3 has had absolutely nothing to do with the Kirby series, but I suppose that's to be expected- after all, we did just get Planet Robobot.

    I started to watch Nintendo's E3 presentation on Day 1 with somewhat low expectation…

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  • XxBloodXxXSugarXx

    New Meme

    June 13, 2016 by XxBloodXxXSugarXx

    I found a new meme. l o l

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  • XxBloodXxXSugarXx


    June 12, 2016 by XxBloodXxXSugarXx

    My text is not spam. It's a font:Wingdings. I will include a translator here.

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  • Iqskirby

    New Copy Abilities get introduced in almost every Kirby game. Some stick around for many games, while others may appear in only a few, and some in only one. Here are all of the Copy Abilities that have only appeared in a single game (not counting anime only, Final Weapons, K64 mixes, Super Abilities, etc.; excluding remakes and the new ones introduced in KPR)

    • Animal
    • Backdrop*
    • Ball
    • Balloon
    • Beetle
    • Bell
    • Bomb variants*
    • Bubble
    • Clean
    • Copy
    • Ghost*
    • Light
    • Magic*
    • Metal
    • Mini
    • Paint
    • Suplex*
    • Sword variants*
    • Water
    • Yo-yo

    Backdrop and Suplex are effectively the same ability, so it's up to you if you want to count them as separate or the same for this case
    While technically Bomb and Sword respectively, they do have differing properties, so this is also up to you
    Ghost does reappea…

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  • Iqskirby

    The Trend

    May 29, 2016 by Iqskirby

    Another Kirby game to come out. It appears and acts similar to Return to Dream Land and Triple Deluxe. I've been noticing a trend with these games which I think is bound to continue for quite a while. Warning, minor spoilers

    For starts, the Copy Abilities act much like their Super Star (Ultra) incarnations, and non-Super-Star Copy Abilities and new Copy Abilities replicate this. Each game has at least 20 regular Copy Abilities and adds at least three new ones to the roster. Return to Dream Land wasLeaf, Whip, Water, and Spear. Triple Deluxe was Beetle, Bell, Archer, and Circus. Planet Robobot is Poison, Doctor, and ESP. "Old" abilities that were added in Return to Dream Land were Spark, Needle, Tornado, and High Jump. In Triple Deluxe, Whee…

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  • Plasmaster

    Hey guys, Plasmaster here with my first Kirby theory. Today's theory is about the Haltmann Works Company from Kirby: Planet Robobot. Warning: Spoilers for Planet Robobot ahead, read at your own risk.

    Okay, so my theory is that Magolor's race, the people of Halcandra, have fled their home planet and that the last remaining members of Magolor's race are the people of the Haltmann Works Company.

    Both Susie and President Max Profitt Haltmann, higher-ups of the Haltmann Works Company, have floating hands that are not connected to their body. They do appear to have more mechanized bodies than that of Magolor though, so why is this? Well, I think that they left Halcandra because they either discovered Magolor's plans and didn't want to get involved…

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  • Lucas5201

    My Workspace

    April 27, 2016 by Lucas5201

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  • TheFoxyRiolu

    So, Planet Robobot is being released veeeery soon in Japan, meaning that we'll be getting final information on everything appearing in the game rather soon. With that said, what elements do you want to see in Planet Robobot that hasn't been featured or shown off yet?

    Personally, my hopes consist of:

    • Some more returning abilities: where is Spear, Bell, or Beetle?
    • Some more old returning abilities. Jet, UFO, and Mirror isn't enough really: I'd love to see something like Missile or Yo-Yo, though, as well as Water.
    • More mid-bosses: outside of new ones, maybe bring back Dubior, Bombar, or Master Green.
    • Some boxes from past-games, maybe HR-D3, Mega Titan, or even Metal General.
    • MAYBE one or two new Robobot modes: I'd prefer to see Mirror or Poison.
    • May…
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  • LapisL6

    Anyone in Japan?

    April 17, 2016 by LapisL6

    Apparently, Kirby: Planet Robobot is coming out in a few weeks in Japan. Does anyone on the wiki have/know someone a Japanese 3DS or live in Japan? It would be really helpful for some extra info.

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  • LapisL6

    KPR Pictures

    April 15, 2016 by LapisL6

    Another blog post with some news. I recently saw a video showing a slideshow of official Kirby: Planet Robobot artwork. Here it is: The main highlights were the confirmation of ESP and Mike armor modes. Screenshots from video below:

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  • LapisL6

    Hello! Just found a pretty big announcement for KPR. Check it out.

    You can get a lot of info from one picture...

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  • Cosmo is a Featherman
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  • Cosmo is a Featherman

    There is an incident going on at the creation wiki

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  • Iqskirby

    Re: Next Kirby Game

    March 5, 2016 by Iqskirby

    Previously I discussed a possible idea for the new Kirby game; now that it's out, we have more to work with (in a way, I guess). While I'm a little disappointed that my Squeak Squad successor idea is not coming to fruition, I can't be upset with what's coming. Kirby can ride in a mech suit, and old abilities like Jet and UFO are returning, along with Smash [Bros.]. The amiibo feature is also kind of neat, how some can grant specific abilities, notably Link granting Sword, as well as Mario giving Fire. I'm guessing that, with Doctor being a new ability, Doctor Mario might grant said ability too; I'm hoping for more possibilities, and we might have to add that to a page if applicable. So, what Copy Abilities are you excited for that have bee…

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  • Cosmo is a Featherman

    User:Thatstuff uploaded a scary video to Nick Fanon Wikia Chat

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  • GalactaKnight16


    February 2, 2016 by GalactaKnight16


    I know that everyone is always like, 'Zero/Zero 2 i the big baddie in the series!'  Well, i beg to differ.  The truth is that Zero is NOT the mastermind, but only a mindless puppet of Dark Matter, the one who created it.  This is why I think that:

    So, in Dreamland 2, Kirby is attacked by Dark Matter, and in Dreamland 3, is working with Gooey to defeat Dark Matter.  The thing is, at the time they were the only 2 Dark Matter, the one in the official artwork of DL2 has purple spheres in the back, and the one for DL3 has orange ones.  So, when Dark Matter purple attacked and failed, the orange one, knowing now that Kirby could defeat him, began training, and created Zero.  

    So, when Kirby challenged Dark Matter, and won, DM's cons…

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  • Cosmo is a Featherman

    Click here

    January 23, 2016 by Cosmo is a Featherman

    Click the link

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  • NerdyBoutKirby

    This blog will probably be made irrelevant later this month, but I'd like to hear some opinions out of you guys. Everyone has an idea of what would make the perfect ingredients for Super Smash Bros., and millions of people dream of amiibo figures they'd want to decorate their shelves. I encourage you all to submit your top three-five picks for Smash fighters, two picks for characters that you'd like to see but don't think would stand a chance of getting in, three-five picks for desired new stages, a pick for a desired returning stage, items, assist trophies, etc. If you're into amiibo, you can also describe which 5 figures/cards you'd like Nintendo to make and possibly the functionality of each.

    1. Elena (Pandora's Tower, 2013) - The charming deut…

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  • Iqskirby

    Next Kirby Game

    September 23, 2015 by Iqskirby

    If you're coming in thinking there's content about a new Kirby game, you're going to be let down. I don't know anything concrete about a Kirby game to come, but that doesn't mean we can't dream or speculate. That's that this post is here for. I want you to post speculation for what the next Kirby game may be, or if not that, your ideas for a new Kirby game. It doesn't have to be entirely realistic, just don't go too far out of the realm of possibility. As for myself, I have my own speculated and wanted title. I intend to tell the speculated title at least; the "dream" title is a different story, and I actually have it posted on my user page. So, without further ado, let me begin.

    Kirby games come out almost every year. There are a few that …

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  • Iqskirby

    That Copy Ability Discussion

    September 4, 2015 by Iqskirby

    With more than 50 Copy Abilities out there (not even including the mix ones), there are bound to be similarities. Some are obvious, others are more subtle, but regardless, they're there. Some could be replaced, others could be merged, and so forth. I think this would be a great topic of discussion.

    The similarity that I feel is most obvious (outside of "clone" Copy Abilities e.g. the Sword and Bomb variants from Squeak Squad) is Throw and Suplex. Both heavily rely on throwing and have blue ribbons to go with it. It'd make sense to combine the two, and it wouldn't be hard either. Throw could be initiated through pressing the attack button while idle, in the air, or during a walk; it'd work as an inhale like usual. Suplex would be activated v…

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  • Iqskirby

    Kirby Gender situation

    August 27, 2015 by Iqskirby

    I don't expect any article changes that state Kirby's gender being absolute as a result of my so-called evidence; I just thought maybe this would be an interesting topic to discuss. So as we know, Kirby's gender default to male in our language and various others which lack gender-neutral pronouns outside of "it." However, I'm not going to let that play much of a factor as to why I feel Kirby would be male. If anybody feels differently as to his gender, because you're allowed to think otherwise as that was the original intention, feel free to explain any points you may find valid.

    So, here's why I choose to think Kirby is male outside of localization differences (I will still be using "he" as it's rather odd to call Kirby "it" for the entire…

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  • NerdyBoutKirby


    August 24, 2015 by NerdyBoutKirby

    After thinking about the upcoming Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, I began pondering the possibility of Nintendo crossover games. What series would you like to see Kirby cross over with most? This isn't exclusive to Nintendo properties, but those would probably be the most likely.

    And to increase the duration of this blog post, what other Nintendo crossovers would you like to see?

    For Kirby, I think crossovers with cute franchises would work best. I'm imagining Super MarioThe Legendary Starfy, and/or Chibi-Robo! Now that I think about it, though, Pikmin X Kirby Mass Attack might work out for obvious reasons.

    For other franchises, I'd love to see Xenoblade Chronicles X Fire Emblem or an all-Nintendo strategy game like Fire Emblem Awakening. Yeah…

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  • Iqskirby

    Buffs and Nerfs

    June 24, 2015 by Iqskirby

    Kirby: Triple Deluxe used Return to Dream Land's formula as far as how the game works for the most part. I enjoyed such addition, seeing as how Return to Dream Land is probably my favorite game in the franchise thus far. It brought back the classic gameplay after Epic Yarn and Mass Attack (still great games, but you probably want your Copy Abilities back some time). In addition to making most Super Star abilities return, there was also the return of Spark (now fully merged with Plasma), Needle, Hi-jump, and Tornado. Even then, new abilities were added: Whip, Leaf, Spear, and finally Water. Triple Deluxe came out, and while a fun game and retaining most of the abilities as per usual, along with adding a few more, quite a bit of these abilit…

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  • Map2015


    June 18, 2015 by Map2015


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  • Paul2

    Well, it's that time of year again. I've decided to start (another) annual series, this one about E3! This series will showcase four games from Nintendo's Digital Event- two that, in my opinion, are bad, and two that I think are good. I hate to start this on a year that had nothing to do with the Kirby series, but I suppose it's as fine a time as ever. Well, let's get started!

    (Note: These opinions are based on a first look at these games. They may turn out to be great/terrible, but it's just what it looks like to me from what they showed at the Digital Event.)



    Super Mario Maker

    It truly seems that they're giving top billing to this game at E3, what with the Best Buy demos and with it being the final game in the Nintendo World Cha…

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  • Iqskirby

    Rare outfits

    June 13, 2015 by Iqskirby

    Recently I've gone back to the Kirby Fighter games to get some pictures that I wanted added for quite a while. One of the things I've thought about is the rare outfits. I, as well as other people, have thought about having more than one new outfit per ability. Seeing as my profile page was completely empty, I decided to put a little bit of myself into it. I made a table depicting my ideas for different rare outfits based on difficulty. For my sake, I made the current ones earned through easy difficulty. For example, Sword Kirby could earn a Sword Knight helmet (could be green or purple, I don't care), a Gigant Edge helmet, and a Meta Knight mask complete with eyes, shoulder guards, and Galaxia. One of Beam's hats could be Mirror's. Ninja's…

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  • EurekaDX

    Eurkea's Ramblings

    May 7, 2015 by EurekaDX

    I like talking.

    I'll leave this section as a sort of experimentation area for my code, presuming that's fine with the Admin or the rules, of course.

    Anyway, let's start:

    Test for Javascript.
    Test #1:

    Test #2

    This is a basic Javascript, CSS, and HTML webpage.  The top is background color, along with a image and a description.  The bottom part is Javascript, where you insert whatever you want to tye in the buttons (

    ), then you push "Submit" ().

    Then you are taken to a "action.php" page, which follows:

    This test worked!</b>
    <b>More Coming Soon.


    Which lets you know it works!

    That's all for today, I'll be back...fairly soon, doing my thing.  If i get around to it, that is, lol.

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  • Elline paintbrush

    First came dark matter after zero,zero2 and magolor soul now is Dark crater's time!

    can be seen that his eye looks like Magolor Soul's that looks like Zero 2 and he throw projects,like the original 0

    when kirby hits him he shows a Dark core,looking like 0 in KDL3's first cutscene...

    continuing:can be seen too that dark crafter have a battle similar to 0 that is fly through the sky and launch projectiles at the beast i saw that a note on his battle theme is similar to Magolor Soul's battle theme (CROWNED)

    new reports can be added in future





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  • Jaxon splints worth


    April 27, 2015 by Jaxon splints worth
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  • NerdyBoutKirby

    It's been a while since we had a remake. What remake would you like to see sometime on 3DS or Wii U sometime in the future? (Kirby's Adventure and Kirby Super Star don't count.) I'll reveal my own choice(s) after a few comments.

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  • NathanAndKirby


    April 12, 2015 by NathanAndKirby
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  • Kirby X-NEO

    I want to tell you my top 10 fav Kirby copy abilities!


    Yes it may be my avatar,but I still don't like it much because it's SO UNDERRATED!I still like it.


    You may be thinking WHAT?! buy It did'nt really get to me


    I LOVE THIS.Yet there are 7 more abilities that beat this.


    I just F*kin love this.


    Same reason with Hi-Jump

    TOP 5.


    You know what rocks?Stone.




    I beat Sectonia with this.And the guard.PRAISE TO THE LEAF GUARD!


    Broken and fun.I like the lightning fart in RTD

    Honrable Mentions:Tornado,Whip,Archer

    AND #1 IS........................................................................................................................................................


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  • Escargoonie7

    Now then, let me get this out of the way: I don't care if you hate the 4kids dub of the Kirby anime with a passion or if you find the Japanese dub with subtitles superior. People will have their different opinions. The reason for writing this blog is simple: trying to locate a copy of the two lost Kirby episodes, Episode 86 "Shell-Shocked" and Episode 88 "A Chow Challenge". Currently, on Friday March 27th, 2015, every other single episode of Kirby Right Back At Ya'! is availbe somewhere on the internet. Whether it be in the form of YouTube videos, MEGA Upload links or download torrents, Episodes 1-101 (Plus the pilot) is availble for the viewing public in both its Japanese dub and English dub. All but 2 episodes remain offline, unviewable …

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  • 5MagmaFurries

    W.I.P Kirby fanfic

    March 20, 2015 by 5MagmaFurries

    I stared at the poster, it read: KIRBY FIGHTERS ANNUAL EVENT 2026. ALL KIRBYS WELCOME. DO YOU HAVE THE STRENGTH TO WIN? In the middle was a picture of 8 different Kirby Fighters leaping out from some kind of explosion of light.

    “Yo, Tai, come see this!” I shout across to him. Tai is seen as somewhat of an oddity among beetle Kirbies; you see, he’s one of the rare Hydra Kirbies, a sort of subtype of beetle Kirbies. Tai read the poster about three times (he does this sort of thing) and then finally stated

    “Welp... might as well have a go. There’s no harm in trying is there?” and I smirk at him. We head out to the location seen on the bottom of the poster and find ourselves standing before a huge coliseum or something. At first the place seems …

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  • MetaknightUNMASKED

    mimi is so hard to defeat but i have courage,power and mushrooms i'll defeat her i just need these mistakes that are at the floor and...OOPS*my sonic rush falls in my feets* -.-' sorry... *CAHAM* ok let's build an strategy first 2 block blocks to make no damage 2:one Soda(i forgot the name) and one  life shroom his legs are invisible at the black walls in castle bleck but i can recognize his speed wish me good luck *rushing into mimi*

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  • PopRox6012


    February 21, 2015 by PopRox6012

    I've never seen anyone on here, is anyone there? 

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  • Realangrybirdplush

    UPDATE: Kirby and the Rainbow Curse has been released. And Elline STILL dosen't have a page? Explain in the comments.

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  • Iqskirby

    Roleplays and Devotion

    February 6, 2015 by Iqskirby

    This is my opinion, this is what I think of this. Kirby RPG. I'm not talking about a future Kirby game, I'm not talking Kirby Quest, I'm talking about the thing in our forums. It was most certainly a good idea and it had potential, but now I'm not really liking it. Seems like that happens to a lot of ideas I come across that other's have come up with. The first one, I probably approve of the most. A simple system with reasonable restrictions. Each character is comes up with 3 attacks, each with varying effects. Some are powerful single strikes, while others are a spread shot, hitting multiply foes but not doing as much damage to single foes or in general. Some attacks also have power to them, but require a recharge. Some attacks also have …

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  • Maxus Overlord

    I'm back!

    January 27, 2015 by Maxus Overlord

    Boy, has it been a long time! I haven't been editing on this Wiki since August 2014! What happened while I was gone? (If anything even happened during that period) I have been taking a very long hiatus because I discovered the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki, where I'm currently a Chat Moderator, and completely forgot about this Wiki. I decided to return once Kirby and the Rainbow Curse came out, once the Kirby Wiki would be in bloom again. Also, on the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki, I learned a lot more about editing! However, I won't be as active as I was in early 2014. Either way, it's great to be back to the Wiki that started my Wikia escapades!

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  • Iqskirby

    Claiming Articles

    January 14, 2015 by Iqskirby

    Just for the record, I'm not particularly planning on claiming articles related to that of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse until I've gone and played it. I'm not a fan of dibs, so I'm not going to call for an article to be my responsibility and I don't want to see much of that in others unless they have good reasons for such. Of course, this blog post is just my opinion, a recommendation if you will, but not a demand or anything; although you can trust me that if someone claims an article just because, I'm not going to be happy. If you have a particular/strong interest in it, that's fine. Sorry if anyone feels offended by this, as I don't mean to and this is not pointed at anyone in particular. I'm just not a fan of dibs and similar ways to cl…

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  • Iqskirby

    Smash Talk 4

    December 24, 2014 by Iqskirby

    I'm hoping I can get more input on these, I'm not getting much. So, I've talked about character additions, assist trophies and items, stages, and custom stages. This time, I want to talk about custom moves. Custom moves were a fine addition to the game, but it isn't without its problems. For one, you can't play custom fighters without equipment. Using equipment alters stats, and some people (such as myself) would prefer to play custom characters (such as Palutena) without them. Miis are the only ones that can do such, or you could just have a custom character without equipment, but that could be annoying or just no fun. Clones are another problem. There's Dr. Mario, Dark Pit, and Lucina. While having clones is kind of okay with me, I'm dis…

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  • Iqskirby

    Smash Talk 3.5

    December 21, 2014 by Iqskirby

    Because, yeah. I briefly mentioned Custom Stages last time, and I'm not going to leave anybody hanging for that. It's time to discuss custom stages. Brawl was the first to include them, so I'll start with that. It included 3 themes and stage sizes. I almost always chose the biggest stage, and most of mine take the futuristic background. There were standard blocks, platforms, diagonal platforms or terrain, moving platforms, etc. There was ice, springs, ladders, conveyor belts, and spikes; so many spikes. There were other features directly related to the theme. There were mushrooms, pillars, and other interesting terrain parts. It was fun and all. I've made many stages on it, be it from my own gaming imagination, ideas from others, or just so…

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  • Iqskirby

    Smash Talk 3

    December 16, 2014 by Iqskirby

    I had a bad weekend, but I'm not going to elaborate on that here, as this isn't a place for ranting. So, let's get to it. Last one was a little later than a week from the first, so this will be a bit earlier to compensate. Now... ; because, nobody will suspect anything. So, for this blog post, I will be discussing a bigger topic. This time, it's stages. For the first game, the stage was Dream Land. It had its pros and cons; pros: it could be played on for tournaments. Cons: it was the only tournament legal stage, and, being tournament legal, it doesn't have much action to it. In Melee, this stage was revamped, with Apples, falling Star Blocks and Bomb Blocks, and Whispy being able to blow whichever way. It has a decent amount of action. Al…

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  • Paul2

    Stories of the Wiki: 1

    December 16, 2014 by Paul2


    If you have been on the wiki for some time, you may have seen me. I've been around for the past year or so, and I know that a lot of interesting things can happen on a wiki.

    So, why am I saying this, you may ask? Well, it's because I would like to hear stories about something that has happened to you on the wiki, whether you be a newcomer or a veteran. It can really be about anything that has happened to you on the Kirby Wiki.

    The reason that these stories could be useful to others is that people may learn from your experiences and situations. It could help them, to be honest, become better editors or even just better users. Sure, you could learn these things from help manuals on Wikia, but really, in my mind, there's no better (or mor…

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  • Iqskirby

    Smash Talk 2

    December 11, 2014 by Iqskirby

    Even MORE Smash Talk (because, why not?)!! So, it's been about a week, and I want to continue the "series." Last we talked about wanted (Kirby related) characters, move sets, and what not. This session, I want to talk about items and assist trophies. Assist trophies are characters nonetheless, but very simple, making them easier to make. The Kirby series is quite lacking as far as items and assist trophies are concerned, with only 2 AT, Knuckle Joe and Nightmare, and 3 items, the warp star, the star rod, and the curry. So, what're your ideas on possible Kirby related items, or maybe not kirby related items. Doesn't even have to be related to a specific game, it can be its own thing, like the laser shooters and beam swords. As for it, I don't …

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  • Iqskirby

    Smash Talk 1

    December 2, 2014 by Iqskirby

    So, it's about time I finally made a blog. Been kinda empty here, so I decided to use it. Somehow still has more content than my user page. Need that done; but that's all aside from the point. Since both of the new Smash Bros. games are out, I felt like we should talk about that for a bit. Whenever a Smash game comes out, characters are wanted. Some are fulfilled, others not. Some wanted characters are realistic, others, not-so-much; that not-so-much includes characters not related to Nintendo (excluding select 3rd party characters who are worthy), characters not even in video games, or characters that exist only in your imagination, or maybe a little bit more than such, like in internet role plays or something. I myself used to role play,…

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  • Adrian sousa valejr

    i love kirby

    December 1, 2014 by Adrian sousa valejr

    kirby return to dream land

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