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  • Iqskirby

    Smash Talk 2

    December 11, 2014 by Iqskirby

    Even MORE Smash Talk (because, why not?)!! So, it's been about a week, and I want to continue the "series." Last we talked about wanted (Kirby related) characters, move sets, and what not. This session, I want to talk about items and assist trophies. Assist trophies are characters nonetheless, but very simple, making them easier to make. The Kirby series is quite lacking as far as items and assist trophies are concerned, with only 2 AT, Knuckle Joe and Nightmare, and 3 items, the warp star, the star rod, and the curry. So, what're your ideas on possible Kirby related items, or maybe not kirby related items. Doesn't even have to be related to a specific game, it can be its own thing, like the laser shooters and beam swords. As for it, I don't …

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  • Iqskirby

    Smash Talk 1

    December 2, 2014 by Iqskirby

    So, it's about time I finally made a blog. Been kinda empty here, so I decided to use it. Somehow still has more content than my user page. Need that done; but that's all aside from the point. Since both of the new Smash Bros. games are out, I felt like we should talk about that for a bit. Whenever a Smash game comes out, characters are wanted. Some are fulfilled, others not. Some wanted characters are realistic, others, not-so-much; that not-so-much includes characters not related to Nintendo (excluding select 3rd party characters who are worthy), characters not even in video games, or characters that exist only in your imagination, or maybe a little bit more than such, like in internet role plays or something. I myself used to role play,…

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  • Adrian sousa valejr

    i love kirby

    December 1, 2014 by Adrian sousa valejr

    kirby return to dream land

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  • WaddleDooFan77

    Pick one! ANY ONE!!!

    November 12, 2014 by WaddleDooFan77

    Sorry, I'm just a bit bored. Question: if you could be ANY Kirby character, who would you pick? Yes, anyone from the series! Please list why as well. I'd want to be Magolor, because he is not only very smart, he is powerful with his magical abilities! Oh, not to mention ridiculously kawaii.

    One thing I know for sure: absolutely NO ONE is gonna pick this guy.


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  • WaddleDooFan77

    Wow, it's been a while since anyone has made a blog post! Anyhoo, the title says what I want. Lately, I've wanted to get into anime. It seems to be really popular at school (9th grade, in case you were wondering), as almost everyone talks about it during lunch. I always feel pretty bad whenever I can't participate in their discussions. Plus, watching and knowing about anime opens a lot of other opportunities, such as being able to cosplay and go to conventions. Anime itself is really cool, and I just feel that I'm missing out. So I would like you guys to give recommendations! However, there are a few guidelines:

    • Very little to no explicit/inappropriate content: Ok, this is pretty tough. I'm 14 (my birthday is on January 5th-don't forget it!…
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  • Muubee

    Test plog post

    October 12, 2014 by Muubee

    This is my first post!

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  • Meta Kirby52

    Soul Of Sectonia

    September 18, 2014 by Meta Kirby52

    I can't entirely recall if this is a big problem anymore, but I believe I have the solution of where Soul of Sectonia appears in relation to the storyline.

    Ok, so let's start this off by saying The Arena and The True Arena are not canon. At all. Let's also say the ending of Kirby: Triple Deluxe isn't canon, either.

    Keep your cool; let me explain.

    Remember how the stalk Sectonia is on collapses after Kirby defeats her initially? And then he does his little dance, whatever. Shortly after, Sectonia grabs him with a vine, Dedede knocks Kirby unconscious and tosses him a Miracle Fruit, yadada...Right, well the canon differs here. Let's say that Sectonia was truly defeated. She collapsed, presumably dead. Kirby does his little dance, and presumably begin…

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  • NekoShonen236
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  • Ultimate Legend Star Kirby12

    Hello to all of you at Kirby Wiki!

    Happy A-Aron day! This is the day we celebrate the birthday of Aaron Peng, the supreme emperor of all Asians!!

    Just kidding. It is his birthday, though.

    The Multiverse Collision has begun! This collaborative event was an idea in February 2013, but I never began the story until now.

    Questisbak, villain of Club Penguin Fanon Wiki, has joined forces with every other villain in the Multiverse. The Kirby Universe has been chosen to be a universe connected to the Multiverse! Which means YOU can help write the story of the Multiverse Collision!

    Read more here!

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  • ϞPlazzapϟ

    A Kirby 3D Platformer?

    August 22, 2014 by ϞPlazzapϟ

    so hal is interested in making a fully 3D Kirby game apparently

    this has been considerd before, but was cancelled

    discus (you know, that disc olympiad thing they did back then)

    short blog is short

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  • Fridge Kirby Is Real

    I'm pretty much sure that Kirby stole it. if you find my ice galaxia, I will give you five bucks. and three wikia coins.

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  • Fridge Kirby Is Real

    Welcome Me!

    August 18, 2014 by Fridge Kirby Is Real

    Hello! if you wanna welcome me post something! k? Bye!

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  • PyroGothNerd

    Now I just want to hear from you...what would be scary to see Kirby inhale and transform into? It can be any character, but keep it clean, folks. No dirty jokes.


    I think it would be scary to see him inhale Freddy Krueger. Scary claws and skin...meanwhile Kirby's running around like "POYO!! POYO!!" while waving his claws around.

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  • Darien8910


    July 16, 2014 by Darien8910

    ok so here are some comics i made

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  • PyroGothNerd

    The First Dark Matter, aka Real Dark Matter, had a sad background story, where he only attacked Dreamland because of his loneliness

    He also had a sword that he fought with in the first stage of his boss battle, and a pretty cool design

    So, how would you guys feel about this incarnation of Dark Matter being brought back in future games?

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  • PyroGothNerd

    Some people love his accent in the english dub, some people hate it.

    As for me, I love his voice in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It just sounds very knightly to me.

    Which voice is your favorite?

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  • PyroGothNerd

    Link to Youtube

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  • PyroGothNerd
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  • PyroGothNerd

    Exactly as the title says. While many games have said that Meta Knight's cape turns into his wings, many others have had him remove his cape to show them underneath his cape.

    So what do you guys think?

    Evidence would be nice, theories are good, it's a free for all (as long as we stay on topic) discussion.

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  • Angry chicken 4


    June 7, 2014 by Angry chicken 4

    May I suggest comments

    update: I am trying to say that comments should be on all of the pages and not just blog posts like this one.

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  • PyroGothNerd

    I felt like starting a discussion. Might do more of these if this goes well.

    So, there's a theory that Shiver Star is actually Earth. Here's some stuff that may indicate they are the same planet:

    Earth Shiver Star
    One Moon One Moon
    Continents Continents shaped like those of Earth
    Modern technology Ruins of what once was modern technology

    So is it the same Earth as ours? Is it Earth in another dimension? Is it Earth in the future? If it is Earth, how did Earth become completely frozen? What do you think?

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  • Ultimate Silver Fan

    What if...

    I just had this thought.

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  • Kirby774

    I hope!

    May 17, 2014 by Kirby774

    I hope there is another kirby game coming in so I can play more kirby franchise games and have fun!

    What if there's all new characters to play as and all new copy abilitys! 

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  • Supersmashbrother10

    There is a item on Kirby Triple Deluxe called a Assist Star. What does it do?

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  • Wikianin2005

    03 arrived !

    April 13, 2014 by Wikianin2005

    look at C-R-O-W-N-E-D atwork and in his mouth you see an that zero? is that zero three ?!

    make sure opinion in comments

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  • Kirbyme12355


    April 6, 2014 by Kirbyme12355

    Hi --Kirbyme12355 (talk) 14:24, April 6, 2014 (UTC)Kirbyme12355

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  • WaddleDooFan77


    March 24, 2014 by WaddleDooFan77

    Hi, Kirby Wiki! I'ts been quite a while... I was in Moscow and I didn't have my laptop. Sorry for the inconvenience! I hope you guys haven't forgotten about me. I'm so hyped for Kirby Triple Deluxe! I'll try to get it at its premiere. In the meantime, have some edits!

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  • ϞPlazzapϟ

    Controls Section

    January 25, 2014 by ϞPlazzapϟ

    Anybody think it whould be a good idea to add like a "controls section" that shows all of a game's controls?

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  • ϞPlazzapϟ


    January 17, 2014 by ϞPlazzapϟ

    I feel like we should have some page that lists all the Kirby merchandise

    I know there not much, but does anybody know of some merchandise or more importantly agree that we should?

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  • ϞPlazzapϟ

    Some Kirby Fanart

    January 11, 2014 by ϞPlazzapϟ

    Anyways, I've been kinda iffy on posting this because It may count as wiki advertising but I've made some kirby fanart and made a project out of it. Most of these are just edits of official art but others I made myself. The project is far from done and I'm not all that proud about it, but It would take forever to upload all my fanart here. The project is called Kirby's Dream World btw. Note that I'm probably not making this into a fangame you can actually play on the computer, unless I get some programming skills and such. here they are anyways.

    BTW, some of these I just recolored or didn't even make, the ones in the gallery are the ones I made/edited.

    And I also wanna say, I'm sorry for being such an obnoxious little pest 2 years back, I wa…

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  • Skelly11

    Tables on the Wiki

    January 3, 2014 by Skelly11

    Since I've been seeing a lot of "favorite/disliked things in Kirby" lists (aka "tables") on people's profiles, and because I've been beginning to learn how to make these myself, for everyone's convenience, I've made a free base for these lists! There are 9 rows for the most common likes/dislikes. So, here's how it works

    1. Go to the URL
    2. Click on 'Edit' and then click 'Visual' (if you are not already there), and just add to the base by typing in each row you'd like the object to be, and adding it under either category, depending on if it's your favorite this or that. Say what it is by adding it next to the object, for example, Copy Ability: Sword. Here's an example to make it sound a lot more s…
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  • Keeby33

    New copy abilities

    December 10, 2013 by Keeby33

    Here, I want you to post any new copy abilities you have thought up, their powers, and what the new transforned Kirby wull look like,

    e.g.(here's one I thought of)

    Clone Kirby

    Gains the ability to create up to four clones, which act and move like regular Kirby. Special features on the screen (trampolines or crossroads) could split up the Kirbys.

    The original Kirby will have the number 1 on his forehead, the first clone has the number 2 and so on and so forth.

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  • MadisonGrundtvig

    I noticed that there are no pages regarding fictional aspects of the episode Cartoon Buffoon, such as a page for "Fire Dedede" and "Dedede: Comin' At Ya!". I disagree with this. I tried to make a page regarding this, but Vaati the Wind Demon deleted it. I also think there should be a page for "DDD Underground". I know these are minor, but they are still information regarding official Kirby stuff. And in my opinion, a Wiki should contain as much accurate information as possible.

    So do you think we should have pages like these?

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  • Keeby33


    December 6, 2013 by Keeby33

    Ok, in other wikis anout /partially about TV programmes/anime, there has been a swcrion on each episode oage named 'continuity' or 'episode connections', pointing out links between episodes. Do you think this wiki should have that?

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  • PropellerMUG


    Rocky-Does good damage and very hard to get hit as

    Chilly-Uber Broken.Attacks do a lot of damage and easy to master.

    Capsule J2-Rocket dive 1 hit kills weaker bosses.


    Knuckle Joe-Very basic.Short Ranged.

    Simirror-If you like attack spamming,take this road.Simirror does a ton of damage before getting hit once.

    Waddle Doo-Like plasma wisp but with less attacks and a better way to charge

    Poppy Bros jr-Battles are long but not hard.stay away from the boss and you'll be fine

    Bonkers-Hammer is a good abillity.Bonkers is a good helper because of that.

    Sword Knight-Fast attacks.Better than blade knight

    Wheelie-Did melee attacks right.So fast you don't even take damage while hitting something.


    Parasol Waddle Dee-He's got good attacks,but they are …

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  • Tasi-Turney

    It's me.

    November 15, 2013 by Tasi-Turney

    "Bliggety-blog, I'm riding a hog."

    -Tasi, 2013

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  • HotHead999

    New Episode

    October 27, 2013 by HotHead999

    Yeah, its been a while since i edited a whole episode. I've been busy with stuff so i had little time to be this wiki, but hopefully now i'll have more time. I'm debating on which Kirby Right Back At Ya! episode that came out recently to give a full summery. Those episodes are A Trashy Tale and Cooking Up Trouble, A Trashy Tale becuase I have a head start on it, and Cooking Up Trouble becuase I liked this better than A Trashy Tale. It doesn't really matter which episode I pick, but i want to enjoy doing this not feel forced.

    Which one do I choose?...

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  • WaddleDooFan77

    Now that I have time to be on Wikia more often, I thought: "Why not create some fan art?" I like the KRtDL Mid-bosses, so I drew them! I didn't include Bonkers/Super Bonkers, though, because I couldn't draw them.

    I hope you like them!

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  • August347


    October 6, 2013 by August347

    How do I Make A Signature?

    Do I Just Copy and Paste Like This? August347 That's a Name Ya Should Know Kirby Ultra Sword

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  • WaddleDooFan77


    October 2, 2013 by WaddleDooFan77

    I really want a signature but I don't know how to make one! Please help!

    By the way, I am currently working to expand the Kirby Right Back At Ya pages, as requested by Hothead999.

    Peace! -WaddleDooFan77

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  • WaddleDooFan77

    My First New Page!

    September 30, 2013 by WaddleDooFan77

    Hi, all ye members of Wikia!!! I have been off Wikia for so long that I felt you had lost all faith in me! But I made a great comeback, making a lot of edits and creating a new page! So please don't lose faith in me, and to top it all off, here is another great piece of news: I NOW TAKE REQUESTS! Feel free to comment on this post and give me advice and requests.

    On a little side note, I got gold medals on every Return to Dream Land Challenge stage, except for th Water Challenge EX and Hi-jump Challenge EX. I'll let you know when I ace them!

    Peace and Waddle Dees forever, WaddleDooFan77

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  • Mariojump

    When will a game coom out

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  • Poisoon140


    September 14, 2013 by Poisoon140

    Well, MetaKirby's blog about Marx in SSBB made me want to announce some of my ideas.

    He has been in quite a few games, so why not include him?

    Tosses a spear doing 6 damage if the stick hits and 13 damage if the point hits.

    Spins his spear and runs a length of 4 Bowsers doing 18 damage.

    Uses his spear helicopter attack and flies upwards and does 10 damage.

    His spears suddenly stab in all directions of his body doing 15 damage per spear.

    He becomes energised with green glowing energy for 20 seconds. He attacks 5 times as fast and is twice as fast and his helicopter attack goes higher. It is a good idea to use the down special with this if the opponets are close. Also, the Standard Special will toss 3 spears instead of 1.

    Waddle Doo is in pretty mu…

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  • ϞPlazzapϟ

    My Ratings

    September 9, 2013 by ϞPlazzapϟ

    I haven't edited here In at least a year, and yes I know I was extremely noobish and only edited my userpage. But that doesn't mean that I don't love Kirby to the bone and back. I learned some wiki skills at a fanon wiki so  I may edit here and there with less useless facts and bad grammar included.

    So getting to the point Nerdy inspired me to make my own ratings. I haven't played all the Kirby games though, most of them are the more modern ones but Dream Collection does cover a big chunk. These are listed in the order I got them

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  • Poisoon140

    My game ratings

    September 9, 2013 by Poisoon140

    Hello! I have been encouraged by NerdyBoutKirby's ratings to make my own ratings! If you have different opinions, you can comment!Also, I will be commenting on some older games. Note that this is because of playing them on Dream Collection. Except for Kirby's Adventure, because my grandparents have a Nintendo. Also, I may not be placing them in order.

    Well, this game is just flat out awesome. It has great graphics (if you have my point if veiw because I like pixelated things), great music (escpecially the DeDeDe fight music), and pretty challenging levels. Also, you can kill Shotzos. The only downsides are that there are only 5 levels, spikes do too much damage, and the fact that I am stuck on the Extra Game screen. But it is great, escpeci…

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  • Meta Kirby52


    September 6, 2013 by Meta Kirby52

    Imagine this...

    The year is 2040. Mankind has proceeded not much in their technology pursuit. In fact, we're no better off than we are right now, in 2013.

    The economy is great, and politics have been greatly reduced (don't ask me how, I'm not from the future). As such, wars have become completley non-existent. The Kirby series as we know it has been destroyed, stopped after the release of Super Smash Brothers 4: FIGHT!, in which Nintendo layed off all the workers at HAL. The event sparked controversy, but Nintendo was firm. No more Kirby.

    You, a massive Kirby fan, are saddened by Nintendo's decision. You go on in our life knowing that there will be no more Kirby games, that the games you have now will be treasures in the years to come. You were…

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  • HotHead999

    lets say your in Japan and someone came up to you and aske you if you would like to help him with something. you say yes and he takes you an animation studio, The man than puts you in charge of the making of Kirby of the stars. in this postion you now have control of episoes, characters, the story, and other stuff. now, What do you do? do you make small changes, medium changes, big changes, or chages that are so big you couldn't even compare this to the original. post your changes below

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  • Meta Kirby52

    Marx for SSB4!!!

    August 27, 2013 by Meta Kirby52

    After reading AdamGregory03's blog on Magolor for the upcoming 'SSB4 WiiU/3DS, I became inspired to create up a moveset for Marx! I think he'd be more likely than Magolor, but oh well. Here goes!

    • Marx falls from the top part of the screen, while on his ball. He slips off of it and the ball goes bounding off the screen. Marx gets up.
    • Marx enters from the side of the screen, walking.

    Marx hops on his ball, similar to the Milky Way Wishes intro.

    Marx pratfalls. As tripping has been removed from the game, it is a subtle reference to that fact.

    Marx does a backflip, landing on his hat and does a twirl.

    Marx looks at the screen and flashes an evil smile.

    Marx balances on one foot and does twirls.

    Marx transforms into his powered up version and flies off …

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  • NerdyBoutKirby

    The following text is an excerpt from User:NerdyBoutKirby/Game Ratings

    Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

    This isn't a game, but I feel I should discuss Kirby's anime regardless. It's okay. I have nostalgia for it, and some parts are downright epic or at least fun to watch. Other parts, well, not so much. Let's talk about it.

    Everybody despises the 4Kids dub and instead watches the edgier, profane Japanese version. I was introduced to the show in English, and I stand by my opinion that the English one is just as good. You read that right, JUST AS GOOD. It all boils down to a difference in dialogue, but the difference is not that major.

    People say 4Kids made it too kiddy. That's true. But if you're a native speaker of English, you should at least give i…

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  • Starman125

    Here are the full details.

    Yeah. As you can see, they're not doing so well. If anyone else here can lend them a hand, don't hesitate to do so.

    UPDATE: The WiKirby domain will expire on August 13th.(cited here) Once again, if anyone can lend them a hand, it's urgent that you do so before it's too late.

    UPDATE 2: WiKirby is back on its feet for now, although it's unknown who fixed it, the domain has still not been renewed, and the webmaster continues to be inactive.

    UPDATE 3: As you can see in the forum post, WiKirby is moving to a new domain, due to its webmaster neglecting it entirely. Things should be under control for them by the time the move is finished.

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