KMA Starblock Waddle Dee
Kirby Mass Attack artwork
Name (JP) ブロストン (Bluston)
In Games
KMA Logo2
Copy AbilityNone
Points Given100
CategoryRegular enemy

Blucko is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack.

Physical Appearance

Blucko resembles a regular Star Block, only the star in the center is much smaller and it has scowling eyes.


Kirby Mass Attack

Blucko is an uncommon enemy. It is known for assisting Star Block Waddle Dee, a mid-boss in Stage 7 of Dedede Resort, and appearing in the haunted areas of Volcano Valley. The enemy jumps about and tries to crush the Kirbys. If any Kirbys get squished, they are instantly KO'd. To defeat Blucko, the player must flick a Kirby into it.

An icy variant also exists in the Stages 8 and 9 of Dedede Resort.

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