Brown Kirby (also referred to as Chocolate Kirby) is a member of Kirby's species, available as a palette swap via Spray Paint for Kirby and as a playable character in Kirby Air Ride.

Physical Appearance

Brown Kirby is a brown-colored Kirby with orange feet. As a palette swap, he is a lighter shade of brown with dark reddish-brown feet. Other than coloration differences, there is no visible differences between Kirby and Brown Kirby.


This kind of Kirby doesn't appear in many games, and has only made three appearances. He is an unlockable character in Kirby Air Ride, and is also a color spray collection in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror and Kirby: Squeak Squad, named Chocolate Kirby. Like all Kirby recolors, Brown Kirby has the same abilities the pink Kirby has. He's unlockable in Kirby Air Ride in Air Ride, Top Ride, and City Trial by achieving the certain tasks on the Checklist.


  • Kirby turns a slight brownish color whenever he has the Suplex ability, and sometimes, the Stone ability as well.
  • Brown Kirby is the only playable Kirby in Kirby Air Ride that is not playable in Kirby Fighters.