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Bubble items are items inside bubbles. They have only appeared in Kirby: Squeak Squad so far.

When Kirby gets a bubble item, he stores it in the Copy Palette (i.e. his stomach, which is shown on the Touch Screen of the Nintendo DS). If the player touches it with the stylus, they can do a number of things with it. Simply tapping it will pop the bubble, and it will cause the item inside to be used by Kirby. Holding the stylus onto the bubble and dragging it to another bubble may cause the bubbles to fuse, and a new item will be created, and if you swirl around the bubbles when you mix them, you can get other abilities than what you would normally get.(note that not all bubbles will mix). If the bubble is dragged to the top of the Touch Screen, the bubble will travel to Kirby's mouth, so that he can spit out the bubble item or re-swallow it.

Bubble items can usually be found all throughout the levels of Kirby: Squeak Squad. For example, before an area with a large dirt patch, the Animal bubble usually appears.

Also, bubbles can have the same items found in Treasure Chests after Kirby collects that chest's original item. The player can also find some in barrels.

Bubble items may also be created by means of the Bubble Ability, the Bubble Ability may be acquired by inhaling the enemy Bubble Head. Enemies that lack a copy ability for Kirby to use may be turned into a special bubble item with a star inside, the star is the portable form of power from enemies that have no copy abilities and may be fused with another star bubble to improve the stars power and size, it may be exhaled in order to attack.

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