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Kirby Super Star Ultra artwork
Burning Leo
Name (JP) バーニンレオ (Bāninreo)
In Games
KSSU logo
KMA Logo2
Copy AbilityFire
Points Given500
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CategoryRegular Enemy, Helper
Helper IconBurningleoiconKSSU

Burning Leo (Burnin' Leo in Kirby Super Star) is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Super Star.

Physical Appearance

Burning Leo is round in shape and has fire-like hair that he constantly clutches. He yields the Fire ability when inhaled, and also serves as the Helper for the Fire ability.

As a Helper, he has dark violet-blue skin, green shoes, and small blue hands. He wears a green headband which holds a bright red gem in the middle of it. Both the headband and his flaming hair resemble Fire Kirby's hat. As an enemy, Burning Leo is a salmon-pink color with black colored accessories.

Burning Leo draws inspiration from lion spirits of traditional Chinese Kabuki. Burning Leo's hair vaguely resembles the hair of a lion spirit, and his name also reflects his relation to them. In addition, the way he twirls his hair while moving is indicative of them.


Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra

Burning Leo first appears in Kirby Super Star as an enemy and a Helper. The enemy version spits out large fireballs that slightly home in on Kirby, and will occasionally spew a small stream of fire. He first appears at Float Islands in Spring Breeze. Burning Leo's attacks are weaker than those of other helpers, but his vitality is great. Burning Leo possesses all the attacks Fire Kirby can use. He can perform Fire Breath, albeit with shorter range. In Kirby Super Star Ultra, a green-colored Burning Leo with purple shoes is playable in Helper to Hero.

Kirby Mass Attack

Burning Leo appears in a very minor cameo as one of the enemies Marx draws into his black hole attack and then spits out in the Kirby Brawlball sub-game. This Burning Leo seemingly uses the enemy coloration from Kirby Super Star but is a bit more orange-looking. His sprite is also a shrunken and slightly simplified sprite from Kirby Super Star Ultra.




Other Helper Icons

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