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KEY Buster
Kirby's Epic Yarn artwork
Name (JA) ガッチン (Gatchin)
In games
Epic Yarn Logo
AffiliationKirby, Prince Fluff, Dom Woole
Knows that a gentleman must train to stay healthy! Can you complete his program?
— Buster's Cast Description • Kirby's Epic Yarn

Buster is a character who appears in the game Kirby's Epic Yarn. He is the tenant in Apartment #301. Dom Woole will request Kirby to decorate it with the right furniture in order to invite him. Buster plays a game with Kirby in which he'll have to defeat a specific number of enemies in a given time. Getting hurt makes the player lose five seconds of his/her time. Most of the time, Buster will give Kirby wallpaper with an enemy or boss on it.

Physical Appearance

Buster is a brown and yellow hexagonal shaped being with stubby legs.

Furniture Needed

  • Outdoor Bath
  • Torch
  • Totem Pole
  • Chimney

Levels Needed For Furniture



Like all the tenants, Buster's name is derived from the sub-game Kirby plays with him. In this case the source would be busting (beating up).


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