Full name Buttercup Bookem
Name (JP) サト (Sato)
- Meaning 里 (Sato) means "Village"
RoleWife of Chief Bookem
AffiliationChief Bookem, Cappy
English VoiceLisa Ortiz
Japanese VoiceMadoka Akita

Buttercup is a minor character in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. She loves her husband Chief Bookem because he tries his hardest, and does not care if he was never in the army or anything. She is a kind older lady, and she is very concerned with keeping their house looking nice and having a blue stone- so it did not help at all when her husband kept bringing all sorts of junk to their house from the lost and found. Thankfully, when Kirby acquired the Clean ability from the monster, Trash Basher, he cleaned things up.


  • Her name in Japan actually means "village" or "native place" in japanese.


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