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KMA Cloud
Kirby Mass Attack artwork
Name (JP) デコフワ (Dekofuwa)
In Games
KMA Logo2
Copy AbilityNone
Points Given500
CategoryRegular enemy
Here's a tip that's gotten me a long way in life. Steer clear of any cake that's thrown at you.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Cakefloof is an uncommon enemy in Kirby Mass Attack. It is only encountered in Dedede Resort, the third world in the game. Their appearance suggests that they are related to the other species of Floof, but unlike other Floofs, they do not carry fruit.

These enemies drop cakes on the ground, and if any Kirby touches a cake, he gobbles it up on the spot and becomes pretty fat. While this doesn't hurt the Kirby in any way, it leaves the eating Kirby vulnerable as he ignores the heroic heart temporarily, but he can be tapped to free him from his situation quickly, and he will automatically recover from being fat if the player does not touch him for a long enough time. Cakefloofs are the only enemy in this game known to drop these cakes.

Cakefloofs do not attempt to hurt Kirby directly, so if they are the only enemies around, they are generally not a threat.


It is simply a floating purple-colored cloud wearing a red-white-striped party hat.


  • A Cakefloof's cake is the only kind of food in Kirby Mass Attack that isn't a fruit. Eating a cake will not help Kirby in the slightest.

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