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Calderon Screenshot
Kirby's Epic Yarn screenshot
Name (JP) ヨーガンス (Yōgansu)
In Games
Epic Yarn Logo
CategoryRegular Enemy
This angry little guy erupts constantly. Watch out for lava burns!
— Calderon's Cast Description • Kirby's Epic Yarn

Calderon are rare enemies appearing in the game Kirby's Epic Yarn. They only appear on the level Lava Landing.


Calderons are brown volcano-like creatures with black rocks inside of them, an orange mouth, and a black button located at the top. They look perpetually unhappy.


Calderons sit in the lava of Lava Landing -- as such, they are typically below Kirby or Prince Fluff. Calderons attack by shooting two flaming rocks into the air when the heroes get close. One rock goes a short distance upwards while the other goes a higher distance upwards. These rocks cannot be wrapped up into yarn balls. Calderons themselves can be wrapped up into yarn balls, however.


  • In pre-release footage, Calderon shot out two Bomber bombs rather than two flaming rocks.


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