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Kirby Super Star Ultra background
Candy Mountain
Name (JP) キャンディ山 (Kyandī Yama)
A place in
Dyna Blade
Kirby Super Star (Ultra)
3Level 45
ThemeColorful mountain
Common enemiesBirdon, Blade Knight, Blipper, Bomber, Broom Hatter, Burning Leo, Gator, Gordo, Jungle Bomb, Lovely, Noddy, Parasol, Poppy Bros. Jr., Rocky, Scarfy, Shotzo, Sir Slippy, Tac, Tookey, Twizzy, Waddle Doo, Walky
Mid-bossesMr. Frosty, Bonkers, Poppy Bros. Sr. (x2)

Candy Mountain is the 4th level of the sub-game Dyna Blade that appears in Kirby Super Star and its remake. Candy Mountain has no boss, but Kirby has to defeat multiple mid-bosses upon reaching its summit.

General Information

Candy Mountain is one of the largest mountains in Dream Land, and its summit also seems to be where the legendary Dyna Blade's nest is located. It has a wide array of enemies and even has lava near its summit. Candy Mountain also has a large amount of running water. All around Candy Mountain are large, colorful blocks with stars carved into them. Cocoa Cave acts as a direct path to Candy Mountain's base.


In the room following the one with a cannon (or Food should Kirby has used the cannon), instead of going to the right, go to the left to discover a door. Inside is a Copy Copy Essence and a switch which grants access to Trial Room 2.



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