K25 Cannon artwork

Kirby 25th Anniversary website artwork

A Cannon in Kirby games refers to a big-bored medieval cannon, so large, in fact, that it vaguely resembles a cauldron. The first forms of the cannon require the associated fuse to be lit by Kirby himself, before racing the spark running along the fuse to the cannon, jumping into it, and being blasted off to a side screen or secret area on the stage. Any Copy Ability with the Fire element will do the trick lighting the fuse - Laser, Master, and Triple Star work as well. Cannons are not considered to be items; they are part of the environment.

In Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra, the A.I. driving the Helpers or the second player controlling them can light the fuses for Kirby instead. Some of the fuses in these two titles, instead of ending blindly, have an attached detonator which, when destroyed or depressed in any method, lights the fuse.

Another common variant is the floating type, which does not require lighting fuses to be fired. These generally come in two colors: green and yellow. Yellow ones fire automatically while green ones require the player's input to fire. Some of these cannons rotate, and work like Zebon from the previous games. Some of the cannons in Kirby: Triple Deluxe turn or slide horizontally when the player tilts his/her Nintendo 3DS system.

KCC Tiny Cannon

A tiny cannon in Kirby: Canvas Curse

A tiny cannon is a smaller, less powerful variant of the usual cannon. When Kirby touches one, he immediately launches out of it. He loses momentum quickly and cannot break Metal Blocks when firing from the cannon. Tiny cannons appear in Kirby: Canvas Curse and Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.


Abilities Kirby can use to light fuses


Although not a Copy Ability, Kirby's Copy Ability icon usually changes to a cannon icon when he is inside of one, much like when he is riding a mine cart. In Kirby's Adventure, the cannon's icon is used accordingly, but only in the French version.[1] This was fixed in the 3D Classics version, though it still shows up in the Mix roulette in all regions.





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