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Cappy Town
Name (JP) ププビレッジ (Pupubirejji)
- Meaning ププ (Pupu), ビレッジ (birejji) "village"
A place inKirby: Right Back at Ya!

Cappy Town (Pupu Village in Japanese) is the village where Cappies live. It appears in the anime Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.

Cappy Town is relatively large for a village. Chef Kawasaki, Chief Bookem, Mabel, Samo, Tuggle, Gengu, Gus, Melman, Yabui, Biblio, and Professor Curio all work and live here. Most of the population is comprised of Cappies, all of which, ironically, lack their namesake mushroom caps. Although the main political leader is Mayor Len Blustergas, King Dedede, whose castle overlooks the town, claims to be the king; however, his authority is not respected.

Notable Inhabitants

  • Biblio - The owner of a bookstore.
  • Buttercup - Chief Bookem's wife.
  • Chef Kawasaki - The owner and chef of the only restaurant in town.
  • Chief Bookem - The head of police (and the only officer).
  • Doron - A small-time criminal.
  • Gengu - The owner and clerk of a toy store, as well a toy designer.
  • Gus - A skilled mechanic and owner of a gas station.
  • Hana - The mayor's wife.
  • Honey - A Cappy kid who's a friend of Tuff.
  • Iroo - A Cappy kid who's a friend of Tuff.
  • Mabel - The "fortune-teller".
  • Mayor Len Blustergas - The mayor of Cappy Town.
  • Melman - A mailman. Former biker by the alias Steppenwolf.
  • Professor Curio - An intelligent archeologist, museum owner, and curator.
  • Samo - The owner and bartender of a juice bar.
  • Spikehead - A Cappy kid who's a friend of Tuff.
  • Tuggle - The owner and clerk of the grocery store.
  • Yabui - A doctor and dentist.

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