KCC Dedede 3
Kirby: Canvas Curse artwork
Cart Run
Name (JP) トロッコチェイス (Torokkocheisu)
- Meaning from "Truck Chase"
Draw rails! Food = Speed!
— Pause screen description • Kirby: Canvas Curse

Cart Run is a sub-game in Kirby: Canvas Curse. It is the spiritual successor to Gourmet Race. Like before, Kirby is racing against King Dedede to collect the most amount of food, although it is slightly different. First off, the player moves the blue generator either up or down with the stylus to steer Kirby's cart. The generator is invincible, and it is the only way to protect Kirby. The "food" that is gathered isn't real food, but signs with food on them. Whenever food is collected, Kirby's cart speeds up. If it gets damaged, it will lose its speed. King Dedede moves on a set path and doesn't collect food.


How fast the sub-game was played, plus the "food" collected will determine the player's rank.

  • AAA: Rainbow Hero
  • AA: Warp Speed
  • A: Light Speed
  • B: Speed of Sound
  • C: Bullet Train
  • D: Super Express
  • E: Express Train
  • F: Commuter Train
  • G: Locomotive
  • H: Walker
  • I: Toddler
  • J: Crawler




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