Kirbycolors This article is about the level in Kirby's Epic Yarn. For King Dedede's castle in general, see King Dedede's Castle
Head to Castle Dedede, and overcome its formidable defenses. Jump across giant cannonballs, avoid row after row of spikes, and uncover secret passages to well-guarded rooms. Show Yin-Yarn he's not the king of this castle!
— Official guide

Castle Dedede is the 47th level in Kirby's Epic Yarn and fourth in Dream Land, the eighth and final world in the game. It comes after Cloud Palace and precedes Yin-Yarn. There is no metamortex in the level.

This is Castle Dedede, but with somewhat more fluff and yarn than there used to be. Other than that, its interior is as grand as it was and still full of (fake) Waddle Dees and Waddle Doos.


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The main features of this stage are the multitude of cannons spread throughout the stage that test the player's jumping and timing skills. There are hidden Doors throughout the entire place leading to hidden rooms. These rooms are filled with Beads, treasures and other goodies. There are also enemies as well as pictures of the enemies in the room. In order to unlock these treasures, Kirby has to defeat all of the enemies in the room.


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Theme - Gourmet Race
Gourmet race
Theme - Castle Dedede stage in Kirby's Epic Yarn
Epic Yarn Logo
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Theme in Kirby Super Star Ultra
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Heavily remixed theme in Kirby: Canvas Curse for Paint Panic
KCC logo
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Theme remix in K64 for 100-Yard Hop Sub-game
K64 logo2
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Theme in Sand Canyon of Kirby's Dream Land 3
KDL3 logo
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(Different) theme - Corn Hall in Kirby Super Star
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Kirby Super Star version (Kirby's Dream Collection soundtrack)
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Theme - Pumpkin Grand, Onion Garden in Kirby Super Star
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Dededetour theme in Kirby: Triple Deluxe
KTD logo
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Gourmet Race is a minigame in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra. The aim is for Kirby to eat more food than King Dedede. The musical motif for Gourmet Race is recurrent throughout the series, and is commonly associated with King Dedede.