Castle Lololo is the second stage in Kirby Fighters and the third stage in Kirby Fighters Deluxe. The arena is based on the Kirby's Dream Land stage of the same name, taking place in the room where Kirby fights Lololo & Lalala.

General Information

KF Castle Lololo

Castle Lololo's appearance in Kirby Fighters

Castle Lololo's design closely resembles how it appears in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra, with alternating orange and yellow blocks and three levels. However, instead of being 11 blocks in width, the room is now 17 blocks wide, each floor is two blocks tall instead of one (except for the third floor, which is three blocks tall).

The main hazards of the stage are Lololo and Lalala, who pass through the doorways every so often. They can push their emerald blocks, Gordos, or Blue Boxes which contain items. Lololo and Lalala can be damaged and defeated (most easily seen using the Microphone item), leaving the individual out of commission for a turn. After not appearing for a turn, Lololo and/or Lalala will return the next turn. The music that plays here is Castle Lololo's theme.