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Kirby Super Star screenshot
Name (JP) 洞穴の星 ケビオス
(Dōketsu no Hoshi Kebiosu)
- Meaning "Subterranean Star Cavios"
A place in
Milky Way Wishes
Kirby Super Star (Ultra)
4Level 56
ThemeMountain, damp caverns
BossesWham Bam Rock
Common enemiesBio Spark, Gim, Gordo, Sir Kibble, Squishy, Gator, Grizzo, Kabu
Mid-bossesPoppy Bros. Sr., Jukid, Mr. Frosty, Iron Mam, Bonkers, Chef Kawasaki, Bugzzy

The Cave Planet Cavius (originally Cavios) is the cavern star from Milky Way Wishes and exists in a galaxy near Planet Popstar. It is the fifth planet, following Hotbeat and preceding Mekkai; however, because Milky Way Wishes is a non-linear game, it can be played at any time. The surface of Cavius is mountainous, but it also has many craters. Its first main area is a mountain, which leads to a system of caves that contain rooms with all the mid-bosses faced until that point in the game. Near the core of Cavius is a large water reservoir.

Copy Essence Deluxes

  • Bomb: Defeating Poppy Bros. Sr. grants the Bomb Copy Essence Deluxe.
  • Hammer: Defeating Bonkers grants the Hammer Copy Essence Deluxe.
  • Stone: After the room filled with Mid-bosses, destroy the Bomb Block to release the water. Go into the water pool and press the Switch to the right. Go back down and enter the door the was obstructed by a gate.




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