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Kirby Super Star screenshot
Name (JP) 洞穴の星 ケビオス
(Dōketsu no Hoshi Kebiosu)
- Meaning "Subterranean Star Cavios"
A place in
Milky Way Wishes
Kirby Super Star (Ultra)
4Level 56
ThemeMountain, damp caverns
BossesWham Bam Rock
Common enemiesBiospark, Gim, Gordo, Sir Kibble, Squishy, Gator, Grizzo, Kabu
Mid-bossesPoppy Bros. Sr., Jukid, Mr. Frosty, Iron Mam, Bonkers, Chef Kawasaki, Bugzzy

The Cave Planet Cavius (originally Cavios) is the cavern star from Milky Way Wishes and exists in a galaxy near Pop Star. It is the fifth planet, following Hotbeat and preceding Mekkai; however, because Milky Way Wishes is a non-linear game, it can be played at any time. The surface of Cavius is mountainous, but it also has many craters. Its first main area is a mountain, which leads to a system of caves that contain rooms with all the mid-bosses faced until that point in the game. Near the core of Cavius is a large water reservoir.

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