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KEY chaise
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Chaise Woole
Name (JA) カーグ・ウール (Kāgu ūru)
In Games
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AffiliationKirby, Prince Fluff, Dom Woole, Loomis Woole

Chaise Woole is brother to Dom Woole and Loomis Woole. He operates the only furniture shop in Patch Land, located in Quilty Square. Dom Woole introduces Loomis and him to Kirby and Prince Fluff after they clear Patch Castle, at which point their services become available.

He is responsible for selling extra Furniture in the game, besides the ones found in levels. He doesn't have much initially but new ones are unlocked as Kirby and Prince Fluff progress along the storyline. His furniture count towards the completion rating in Patch Plaza.


Like his brothers, he has a grey wool body with no arms or feet, and buttons for eyes; his are blue. He is also the only one to wear a hat, and wears a blue ribbon instead of a red one.


  • Chaise is the French word for chair, a reference to him selling furniture.

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