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A Challenge is a sub-game in Kirby's Return to Dream Land and Kirby's Dream Collection. These can be accessed by collecting a specific number of Energy Spheres.

With the exception of the Item Challenge, all Challenges require the use of a specific ability. These abilities are given at the start of the challenge and cannot be discarded. (In the case of the Item Challenge, Kirby discards his ability and receives a key.)

All challenges contain Score Coins, some of which are hidden.

Unlike the other sub-games found in the game, only one player may participate in a Challenge.


In challenges, Kirby's basic goal is to reach the goal with the highest score possible. Points can be obtained in several ways:

  • By collecting Score Coins
  • By defeating enemies
  • By receiving bonuses at the end of a stage (see the Bonuses section)


Kirby is also faced with a time limit. The time limit is usually two minutes but can change depending on the challenge. If time runs out, Kirby won't complete the challenge. The player is notified when he/she has 1 minute/30 seconds left, and the last ten seconds are counted off.


After a stage, Kirby can earn bonuses depending on how well he did. He can receive:

  • A time bonus (10 points for every 0.2 seconds remaining)
  • 30-Seconds Left or 20-Seconds Left (3000 or 500 points, respectively)
  • All Foes Defeated (1000 points)
  • No Damage (1000 points)
  • Down to the Wire (less than 10 seconds left, 100 points)
  • Barely Conscious (health meter is in red zone, 100 points)
  • Coins Complete (collect every Score Coin, 1000 points)

Medals and High Scores

After completing a stage, Kirby will receive a Medal for beating a target score. Target scores are given when the gate is opened the first time. Kirby may earn a Bronze Medal, Silver Medal, Gold Medal, or the "special" Platinum Medal. In Kirby's Return to Dream Land, Kirby will also receive in-game rewards depending on his medal (awarded when he exits the challenge): a red star for a Bronze Medal, a blue star for a Silver Medal, a 1UP for a Gold Medal, and three 1UPs for a Platinum Medal.

If a score is beaten, it will replace the score that was previously larger and move that score down one. This will not change the target scores, however.

Challenges (Kirby's Return to Dream Land)

  • Sword Challenge (Collect 7 Energy Spheres)
  • Whip Challenge (Collect 25 Energy Spheres)
  • Hi-Jump Challenge (Collect 35 Energy Spheres)
  • Bomb Challenge (Collect 50 Energy Spheres)
  • Water Challenge (Collect 70 Energy Spheres)
  • Wing Challenge (Collect 90 Energy Spheres)
  • Item Challenge (Collect all 120 Energy Spheres)

Challenges (Kirby's Dream Collection: Special Edition)

  • Sword Challenge (Unlocked at the start)
  • Parasol Challenge (Complete the Sword Challenge)
  • Spark Challenge (Complete the Sword Challenge)
  • Magolor Race 1 (Complete the Sword, Parasol, and Spark Challenges)
  • Whip Challenge (Complete Magolor Race Level 1)
  • Wing Challenge (Complete Magolor Race Level 1)
  • Fighter Combat Chamber (Complete Magolor Race Level 1)
  • Magolor Race 2 (Complete the Whip, Wing, and Fighter Challenges)
  • Smash Combat Chamber (Complete Magolor Race Level 2)
  • Normal Challenge (Complete Magolor Race Level 2)
  • Magolor Race 3 (Complete Normal Challenge and Smash Combat Chamber)
  • Smash Combat Chamber EX (Complete Magolor Race Level 3)
  • Magolor Race EX (Complete Smash Combat Chamber EX)

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