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Kirby's Dream Land artwork
Name (JP) チャッキー (Chakkī)
In Games
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Latest appearanceKirby: Right Back at Ya!
(D'Preciation Day)
Copy abilityNone
CategoryRegular Enemy
English voiceSean Schemmel
If Kirby hits Chucky three times, our good buddy Chucky turns into a Maxim Tomato!
— Kirby's Pinball Land instruction manual

Chuckie (Chucky in Kirby's Pinball Land) is an odd ball-shaped enemy that appears in Kirby's Dream Land, Kirby's Pinball Land, and Kirby's Block Ball. He is an unpredictable creature that often hides in boxes and pops out in an attempt to surprise the approaching intruder.

In the Extra Mode in Kirby's Dream Land, he is replaced by Hurly.

In Kirby Super Star, a creature that appears to be Chuckie can be found on the file select screen. The player has to begin The Great Cave Offensive, then reset the game. The file depicts Kirby discovering a treasure chest with a Chuckie-like creature popping out of it. This Chuckie, however, is yellow instead of purple and pops out of a treasure chest to match the sub-game thematically.

Chuckie made a surprise appearance nearing the end of the anime. He had no real changes cosmetically, but was certainly much more dangerous and had a new array of attacks at his disposal.

Physical Appearance

Chuckie is a silly jack-in-the-box with a mind of its own. He has a blue head that bears a goofy expression on his face. He resides in a striped pink and blue box with a yellow question mark on the front. In the games, the head isn't directly connected to the box, so it can float around freely.

In the anime, Chuckie's design stays true to his initial design, though an accordion spring was added which keeps him anchored to his box. In addition, he can change his usually-carefree face into a monstrous one. When he switches faces, he shows a more malicious-looking face with an evil grin, sunken-in eyes, and a longer and sharper-looking tongue.

In the Anime


Chuckie's monster form

Huh huh huh huh huh huh huh!
— Chuckie • Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Chuckie is a monster appearing in the episode D'Preciation Day, hired when King Dedede feels jealous and unloved by the town during a week of appreciation days. In a fit of rage, he decides to turn the entire town against Kawasaki on his respective appreciation day. On Kirby's day, Dedede sends him a gift for being a good sport about the king's pranks. He purchased this legitimate gift from Nightmare Enterprises and expected a fun item for Kirby to enjoy. Waddle Doo delivers the present to Kirby. When he tries to unwrap the starry wrapping paper, Chuckie erupts out of it and knocks Kirby away. The package even comes with a small card attached, warning that Chuckie may seem like a playful jack-in-the-box toy, but is really quite dangerous. Instead of trying to surprise Kirby like in the games, he jumps on him and can use his expandable neck as a whip to batter him. His head even contorts into a ghastly looking one as he rams Kirby into a tree. Kirby took quite a beating until he inhaled Buttercup's parasol and became Parasol Kirby. The pink hero was then easily able to wipe the floor with Chuckie, launching him into the air with a Circus Throw attack and finishing him by severing his expandable neck with a Parasol Drill attack.


Both Chuckie and Hurly seem to have their names derived from words relating to the gag reflex. Chuckie's name could be derived from upchuck, a slang word for vomiting. This relates to Chuckie's dizzying and erratic behavior in the game, as well as his sickly face.


  • In the Extra Game credits of Kirby's Dream Land, Chuckie's name is erroneously switched with Hurly's. This was corrected in all subsequent appearances.
  • When Chuckie whips his head around in the anime, he moves very fast -- so fast, in fact, that one can see pencil lines of where his neck was drawn in the previous animation frame.



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