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Copy Ability
KTD Circus
Kirby: Triple Deluxe artwork
Name (JP) サーカス (Sākasu)
In Games
KTD logo
AppearanceKirby wears a hat in the shape of a beige circus tent with orange stripes on the right and purple stripes on the left with an orange flag on the top of each side. What appear to be a clown nose, two shiny black eyes, and a curly white mustache are on the front.
Other PowersBurns grass, breaks ice blocks
Ability IconKTD Circus icon
Regular enemiesClown Acrobot
The citizens of Popstar live to be entertained. This Copy Ability is guaranteed to blow their socks off!
— Circus's Flavor Text • Kirby: Planet Robobot

Circus is a Copy Ability that was introduced in Kirby: Triple Deluxe.

General Information

The Circus ability allows Kirby to use many circus-related moves. He can quickly juggle flaming bowling pins, inflate balloon sculptures (which pop and damage nearby enemies), jump through fiery hoops, balance on large balls, and bounce on trampolines. All attacks that use fire can break ice blocks.

Move Set

Move Controls Description Element
Somersault B Kirby leaps forward, damaging any enemies on the way out, then leaps back towards his original position. None


Backward + B Similar to Somersault, but Kirby leaps backward and does not leap back to his original position. None

Fire-Hoop Jump  

Dash + B A flaming hoop appears above and in front of Kirby, and he jumps through it, catching fire and rolling upon landing on the other side of it. Kirby is invincible throughout this move.  Fire
Ball Balance ↓ + B Kirby balances on a spinning ball. Kirby can also move a small distance upon using it. Kirby shifts between two different balancing animations for this move and is invincible throughout the duration.  None
Baton ↑ + B  Kirby juggles purple batons above his head. Like with Ball Balance, Kirby can choose to move a small distance. None
Flame Baton ↑ + B (Repeatedly) A continuation of Baton that deals increased damage. The batons catch fire soon after Kirby begins juggling. Fire
Trampoline Press and hold ↓, and then ↑ + B Kirby jumps on a small blue trampoline that appears under him in a straight vertical line, dealing continual damage. None
Acrobatics During Trampoline, ↑ + B in midair Kirby continues to leap into the air following his first leap. If the trampoline falls on an enemy following the second jump, it will deal damage.  None
Balloon Pop Art Press and hold B Kirby blows up a balloon of one of many shapes, then pops it, dealing damage around him. None

Flavor Texts

GameFlavor text
KTD logo
Is this for real? You bet it is! Jump through a flaming hoop, and show off your finest Acrobatics! After the curtains close on your foes, they'll know the clown arts are no joke.
The citizens of Popstar live to be entertained. This Copy Ability is guaranteed to blow their socks off!




Other Icons

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