Kirby Air Ride artwork
Compact Star
Name (JP) ライトスター (Raitosutā)
- Meaning for "Light Star"
IconKAR Mini CompactStar
Stat outline
Down hpDown OffenseKAR Patch ChargeKAR Patch DefenseKAR Patch Turn
Down speedKAR Patch BoostDown weightKAR Patch Glide
ClassificationAir Machine
Top speed18.01 mph
HP100 / 400*
AvailabilityCity Trial
Course Unlocked atN/A
How to UnlockAvailable from the start (City Trial only)
Good acceleration, good cornering, but a tad slow.
— Compact Star's Flavor text • Kirby Air Ride

The Compact Star (Light Star in Japan) is, as its name suggests, an Air Ride Machine that resembles the Warp Star with compacted points. It appears in Kirby Air Ride, being only available in City Trial, the mode in which it is the machine the player and his or her opponents will start off with.

It has excellent charging speed, braking, acceleration, and handling, but the second worst top speed (after the Rocket Star) in the game and below average gliding abilities, offense, and weight, as well as poor HP.

Other games

It is drawn in Paint Panic by Paint Roller in Kirby: Canvas Curse.


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