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Cookin' KatAM
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror artwork
Full name Cookin'
Name (JP) コックン (Kokkun)
- Meaning Cookun
In Games
KAtM logo
Copy AbilityCook
CategoryRegular enemy

Cookin (originally called Cookin') is an enemy found only in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. It is yellowish, with a chef's hat, has red, Kirby-like feet and a big bottom jaw. It throws a frying pan which acts like a disc in order to try and catch Kirby, then cook, toss, and flip him. This attack resembles Chef Kawasaki's cooking attack.

Whenever Cookin is around, other enemies are also around to make sure that the Cook ability Kirby obtains does not go to waste. Cookin, as mentioned before, gives Kirby the Cook ability. Once it is defeated, he will not appear again unless the stage is completed, like UFO.

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