KEY Cool Cave
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Cool Cave
A place in
Kirby's Epic Yarn
10Stage 3/3 (11)12
WorldHot Land
ThemeCool, damp limestone cave
TreasuresFurniture: Crystal, Frog Mirror; Cool Cave CD
Common enemiesBattins, Dandan, Dropso, Flamer, Rolling Clod, Slobba, Snip-Snap
Special notesMetamortex: none
It's a nice break from the heat, but the Cool Cave is no place to relax. Tremors shake the ground as jagged crystals fall from above. Stealthy creatures can swoop down from the ceiling or spring up from the ground, and a hungry Slobba is looking for a meal. Use the Digger to dodge angry Flamers and tunnel your way back to the daylight!
— Official guide

Cool Cave is the eleventh stage in Kirby's Epic Yarn and third in Hot Land, the third level in the game. It comes after Lava Landing and precedes Dino Jungle.

The stage is a place inside a cool, waterlogged and crystal-filled limestone cave, which gets more and more dangerous as Kirby ventures deeper. The cave exterior is bright and sunny, but little light reaches the interior of the cave. It is one of three stages in Hot Land which do not involve hot deserts or lava.


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Cool Cave contains Dandans, Battins, a Slobba, and other enemies. When entering the cave, the player can see the rumbling volcano from Lava Landing.


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Kirby's Epic Yarn: Cool Cave
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