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KSSU Deluxe Pedestal
Copy Essence Deluxe for Cutter in the Beginner's Show of Milky Way Wishes - Kirby Super Star Ultra
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Copy Essences Deluxe (コピーのもとデラックス) are items in the Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra sub-game "Milky Way Wishes" that give Kirby a new Deluxe copy ability. As shown in the "Guide," when Kirby gets one of these Essences, he learns the ability and it goes to the lower screen of the DS or television screen, depending on which game is being played, from which the player can choose it as many times as they wish. Kirby can also switch between the copy abilities he has picked up by selecting the respective ability icon.

The Pedestal itself which gives the Deluxe Copy Ability looks like a regular Copy Essence, but pulsates with energy, sparkles, and glows. It disappears after being activated as it is no longer relevant to the game, unlike the regular Essences.

List of Copy Essences Deluxe (Milky Way Wishes)

Copy Essence Deluxe
The 19 Essences in Kirby Super Star Ultra
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