Crab by PigMasterOra
Name (JP) カニ魔獣 (Kani majū)
- Meaning カニ "crab" 魔獣 "monster" / "beast"
First appearanceKirby: Right Back at Ya! (The Meal Moocher)
Copy AbilityNone
CategoryKirby: Right Back at Ya!

Crab is a giant crustacean monster appearing in the episode The Meal Moocher that King Dedede orders to fill his demanding appetite. He had a desire for crab ever since he wasn't able to fully enjoy Bookem's and Buttercup's delicious crab meal (Escargoon sabotaged it with extensive amounts of pepper). As a result, Dedede turns to Nightmare Enterprises. He orders a king-sized crab, expecting a meal, but instead gets a temperamental monster. Kirby, who is extremely hungry gets mixed in to the whole incident when Crab attacks. Crab chases Kirby, Dedede, and Escargoon all around the castle, and when Tiff and Tuff see that Kirby is in trouble,  they rush off to help. Crab holds Dedede by the robe and chops off the bottom, making Dedede frantic. To help Dedede, Tiff throws a frying pan at Kirby, who swallows the pan and becomes Cook Kirby. He then frees Dedede and tosses the pan onto the NME teleporter. Crab squishes Kirby, but Kirby lifts the crustacean and hurls him towards the pan. Crab falls onto the pan, where a rush of hot water boils the monster, turning his shell a bright red.

Physical Appearance

Crab is a giant green crab that can only walk sideways. He has a hard, green, metallic carapace with two small horns. He has four metal limbs with orangle joints and large blue feet, as well as a sharp pair of white buckteeth. Like normal crabs, Crab's shell turns a very bright red after being boiled alive by Cook Kirby.


  • This is the only monster that King Dedede ordered for the purpose of eating.
  • Crab is one of the only monsters to have a one-syllable name. The others are Mole, Dirk, Kirk, and Smirk.
  • Crab is one of the few monsters that wasn't ordered by Dedede specifically to destroy Kirby. Others include Domestic Servant Robot, Honker Stomper, and others.
  • Unusually, Dedede pleads for Kirby's help when being attacked by Crab.
  • Crab is one of the few Demons Beasts that does not explode when killed. Others include Popon, Hardy, and more.