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KDL2 Crack-Tweet
Kirby's Dream Land 2 artwork
Name (JP) クラックツィート(Crack-Tweet)
In Games
KPL logo
KDL2 logo
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Copy AbilityNone
CategoryRegular enemy
Each time Kirby hits an Egg it cracks, and finally becomes a Chick.
— Kirby's Pinball Land instruction manual

Crack-Tweet (Egg and Chick in Kirby's Pinball Land) is a small bird enemy from Kirby's Pinball Land and Kirby's Dream Land 2. It appears as a chick the size of Kirby and has pieces of hair on its head. It hatches from an egg and then flies towards Kirby trying to hit him. If Crack-Tweet falls from a high platform in egg form, the egg will break. If it is in the air not in egg form, it will fly. The egg can also be inhaled. The egg appears to be an oval-shaped, jumping egg with a deep, opening-and-closing crack. Crack-Tweet can also jump without the egg, but higher.


Crack-Tweet's name likely comes from the fact that its cracked eggshell forces it to attack, and "tweet", the sound most small birds make.


  • Crack-Tweet is similar to Cappy and Blopper as Kirby can inhale Crack-Tweet's egg shell and spit it back at it.
  • In Kirby's Adventure, the logo for the Egg Catcher sub-game looks like a Crack-Tweet hatching.

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