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KMA Crazy Stactus spriteKMA Crazy Stactus sprite 2
Kirby Mass Attack sprites
Crazy Stactus
Name (JP) サテボン (Satebon)
In Games
KMA Logo2
Copy AbilityNone
Points GivenGreen - 700
Yellow - 700
CategoryLarge enemy
There are so many cactus creatures in the desert. But it's hard to miss Crazy Stactus. He's the one who sways to the music. When the music stops, that's the time to launch your attack on his petal head!
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Crazy Stactus is an uncommon large enemy in Kirby Mass Attack. They are a variant of Stactus that appears in Sandy Canyon.


Crazy Stacti are tall cactus-like foes with a flower on their head. They also have cactus arms and spines all over them. Their faces look just like that of normal Stacti.


Crazy Stacti love to dance by shaking back and forth. They occasionally stop shaking, at which point the Kirbys should grab the flower in bloom on its head. If they touch Crazy Stacti while they're dancing, they'll be flung about. If they touch Crazy Stactus' spines, they'll take damage. A yellow Crazy Stactus that slowly slides across the ground appears in Stage 4 of Sandy Canyon.


  • The music to Stage 2 of Sandy Canyon doesn't start until the Kirbys defeat the first Crazy Stactus.
  • If the Kirbys touch Crazy Stactus when under the effects of Invincibility Candy, the enemy will explode into pieces.

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