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KMA Cryball sprite
Kirby Mass Attack sprite
Name (JP) ウルル (Ururu)
- Meaning "Uru" is an onomatopoeia for sobbing
In Games
KMA Logo2
Copy AbilityNone
Points Given400
CategoryRegular enemy
Where can you get water in such baking places? Hmm. Tricky. You'll have to be clever about it. Watch out for Cryballs. If you make those odd eyeballs cry, you'll scare yourself up a nice shower.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Cryball is an uncommon enemy that appears in Kirby Mass Attack. It is an eyeball with wings and pointy eyelashes. It only appears in Stage 1 of Volcano Valley.


Cryball will fly downward and try to hover over the Kirbys. Then, it will dart down on them with its pointy eyelashes, which instantly KOs the Kirbys. If the Kirbys hit its eye, Cryball will begin to cry and tears will splash out of its eye. The tears can be used to make trees or jerkweeds grow. If a Kirby tries to hit a Cryball when it's charging or if he touches its eyelashes at anytime, the hero will bounce off (if he touches the eyelashes, he will also take damage). After three hits, the Cryball will be KO'd.


Cryball's name is a combination of the words cry (referring to the weeping the foe does when hit) and eyeball (referring to its appearance).



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